BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Even Trump Would Sign This Baby With His Golden Sharpie

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Even Trump Would Sign This Baby With His Golden Sharpie
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Even Trump Would Sign This Baby With His Golden Sharpie

Holy Moly!


“Lemme tell you, this report, it’s gonna be big. It’s gonna be really big. I like big reports, but this one is the biggest.” - Trump

It’s this time of the year again (how many times have we heard this damned phrase?)

Trump would be happy to approve and sign this report with his golden Sharpie were he an affiliate marketer. And he’d be a damn good affiliate marketer, lemme tell you.

(Yes, he really has a golden Sharpie, because it’s cool).

STM’s What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing 2019 report has been officially announced and it’s going to go live in just a few days time.

We’re talking 220+ pages drenched in detailed, eye-opening affiliate trends, directions, secrets and news of the industry.

We’re talking ALL the biggest affiliates and agencies from the affiliate universe. And the eCom universe, and every other universe.

We’re talking ALL the biggest traffic sources and affiliate networks.

We’re talking ALL the juicy details.

Us affiliates aren’t known to be the most patient types - there are campaigns to be launched, offers to be tested and lambos to be crashed.

And we’ve been patient enough.

Every year we anticipate the “What’s Working In 20XX” reports with sweaty palms.

This year’s is just about to pop up (no pun intended).

You better grab a drink and some junk food and dig in, the clock is ticking.

This report not only reveals what’s going to work but it also sets trends globally for the entire industry.

Also, it’s free for all STM members.

The team has been working their assess off for this to be delivered on time.

It’s the biggest one yet.

Glue your eyeballs to the screen at this location

BIG ANNOUCEMENT #2: Secret Night Owl Affiliate Nest in Barcelona

Screw it, I’ll just quote Chaz and his lovely thread because you have to read this:

“Okay so what I mentioned to you guys earlier on in the Affiliate World Europe - Barcelona announcement has finally been released to the public

I wanted to go over a few other extra details/thoughts in here, but mainly just to make sure you're all up to speed on what's going down.

1) Affiliate After Hours is the Official event for AWE

2) We've rented out Pacha Nightclub (Rated #5 in all of Spain & top 50 Nightclubs in the World)

3) There are over 30 tables networks/traffic sources/advertisers will be booking... that's room for 100+ of you to convince your reps you will scale in order to post up with free grey goose

4) We've chatted with the main companies that host parties, we've coordinated for there to be no overlap here (no skamping/pin-balling necessary between parties)

One thing we aren't advertising to attendees is the opportunity to buy tables with friends. Obviously our easiest route to make sure we cover costs is having companies sponsor. But I've been told variety is the spice of life, so what we did was made sure there were a few options available.

I don't give two sh*ts if you do or don't but wouldn't it be rad to grab 4-5 buddies and lock in your own space? The easiest route is the cheapest option €3K for two tables, two bottles and 10 wristbands. Tooooo easy. Only three of these available.

Click here, hit "Going" and make it known.

If you're feeling extra stoked about STM and AWC's big event - show us some love and share this link with your buds/gals.

That is all, leave anyyyy questions here or just DM if you want - Chaz”

Click that FB link above and invite your friends right now!

Or visit the thread and ask the man himself if you have any questions.

Official thread here

STM Holds Baby Engineer’s Hand To The Green Lands

Another day, another profitable newbie.

This time it’s an engineer and he’s a few months young into the affiliate scene.

He posted a very detailed and well organised follow along requesting feedback and guidance.

As usual, STM mods, experts and veteran affiliates jumped in.

It’s like having dozens of coaches at the same time for less than you pay for your tracker.

And justinzing7 (let’s just call him Justin) showed us quite a few screenshots where the rows are green and making benjamins.

And it’s only going to get better from this point on.

Baby engineers in here

Around Barcelona in 40 Days

This newbie decided to start his education with the safest bet of them all:

Vortex’s 40-Day Newbie Tutorial

It’s by far the easiest way to jump into affiliate marketing.

And jump he did.

The profits show for it.

And he’s getting ready to secure a spot for the biggest affiliate conference in the world happening this July in Barcelona.

Affiliate World Conferences is how you reach the next level in AM.

Best of luck to “kramnave” - may his ROIs soar and his lambos go faster.

Keep track of the follow along here

Pop Your Sweeps for 3-4 Minutes and Open Carefully

It has been a difficult journey for “nitinsethi

Full of traps and setbacks.

A change of strategy, however, and we now see the first glimpse of hope.


He doesn’t have a whiny (but faithful) Sam to help him climb the volcano, but he does have Sauron’s army (STM) to help. And he’s about to put on the ring.

Another successful follow along in the making.

One of many more to come.

Profitable follow along freshly popped here

Another 40-dayer In Here

Another one to join the hugely profitable religion of Vortex’s 40-day tutorial.

This one is almost there with the green screenshots.

Might wanna keep an eye on it.

Working hard for the lambo

Affiliate: How YOU Doin`? Facebook: Slap...Banhammer

This affiliate tried to show love and affection to Lady Facebook.

All he got was a slap across the face and a banhammer.

She let it slide for 2 days before the banhammer.

He was sending her whitehat love and affection.

Where did he mess up?

This romantic story’s climax you’ll find down here:

Affiliate + FB = Tough Love

What The Aff Are You Stacking?

Manu Cinca’s famous and explosively growing affiliate newsletter now hatches podcasts.

To quote the master:

“What's up STMers! I guess many of you know that I've been busy for about a year now with this little piece of daily goodness called WHAT THE AFF.

One of the most popular asks from readers was to start a podcast soooo... we did! It's called the Stacked Marketing Show because the goal is to stack the marketing odds in your favour, get it? (not associated with STM, by the way!).”

The podcasts are fantastic and have some super big names - first 2 posted inside the thread.

Watch them now!

Stacked Marketing Show by WTAFF in here

STM’s Jordan Belfort Except He Lost His Millions 3 Times

Sort by Controversial at the very least.

This guy’s story is unbelievable:

“If you're on STM for a while you know I made my first million when I was 22... later I got into mid xx,xxx,xxx.xx figures with my supplement business. From zero. With just two employees. One of them an idiot, and another became a quite capable guy (after year of nerve-wrecking training).”

He then lost it all.

To make it back again from scratch.

“2007 - broke to a millionaire (1) for the first time in internet marketing market being one of top, record-breaking copywriters out there. I spent it all. 2015 - broke to a multi-millionaire (43+) for the second time in testosterone supplements market, making the top selling testosterone supplement on the web, directly. Yup, I managed to spend it all but a couple real estates.
2018 - broke to a millionaire (ongoing)”

His “name” is “testosterone” and the nickname checks out at 100%.

All sorts of cuh-razy people in the affiliate industry with even crazier stories.

You be the judge of this one.

Jordan Belfort is here

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