Avoiding The Sharks In Affiliate Marketing

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Avoiding The Sharks In Affiliate Marketing
How do you find the right offer so you don’t compete with the big dogs?

Worried you'll end up competing for scraps with super-affiliates destroying you? STM's advice team leaps into action.

How to compete with all the big ecom stores? (frustrated)

"You can't compete directly against sharks like Amazon,, You will get eaten alive. Instead..."

How To Scale Up on Facebook

STM's advisors dig into the question of how to scale on the big blue beast.

Tutorial: Why Your Display Ads Suck

"The biggest mistake you should avoid is RUNNING STATIC IMAGE ADS."

Direct-Linking vs Landers on Pop - Advice

"It's no secret that using landers will give you an extra variable to optimize and therefore extra room to improve your ROI. However, direct-linking is a much simpler way to get started"

? Google Analytics Framework ( works on Pops really well ) ?

"The best part is that all this great functionality is under 2kb - take that nasty pops that need fast loading."

Follow Along eCommerce Newbie - Time to Get Serious

Mod Pekadis jumps in with a great tip on a little-known Amazon feature for sellers of all products.

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