ANNOUNCING: STM MEETUP - BANGKOK - November 28th, 2022

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STM MEETUP - BANGKOK - November 28th, 2022

Yer eyes do not deceive you, affiliate.

Keyword: STM meetup.

Lemme repeat that.

S-T-M M-E-E-T-U-P.

How long has it been?

Too long.

Way too long, my friend.

Many super affiliates shall be joining.

Some say even one of STM’s mysterious founders (@stackman) is going to be there.

Plus, it’s Bangkok.

Ye can skip winter.

Eat Pad Thai.

Go on a workation.

Who’s coming?








@s3ks3k (2 people)

@cmdeal (maybe)

@ngiamteeee (maybe)


@epicskillz (maybe)


@elonmusk ( )







November 28th, 1pm.


The high-rated Thai cuisine spot ye shall find inside.

👉👉👉 Go Ye Here & RSVP For The Metting

Lowest prices of the year: Voluum Boosted Plans Final Countdown! ⏱

Only less than a week left {user}... Have you already seen Voluum’s Black Friday deals? No? Well, then you should know:

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And given the longstanding STM + Voluum cooperation, you have access to an exclusive discount! 🎉

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Undead Affiliate Marketing Dies Again

If I had a nickel for each time AM died…

Look at this, @affiliated4 asks:

“Honestly - is anyone making good sustainable profit from affiliate marketing/ media buying in 2022.

I know this is a forum and a few mods will want to keep it positive, but let's keep it real.

Are you actually making good money at the moment?

Also, just to add - I'm not a negative noob - i've made crazy amounts of money from affiliate marketing but it seems like the golden days are finally over?”

Are the golden days finally over?

Well, are they?

The game’s more difficult–no doubt.

And yes, many valid points for and against AM in this gem of a thread.

Yet, big numbers still reign.

It’s an eye-opening, heated discussion up in there.

Have the mods sugarcoated the entire story?

Or is doom and gloom looming above?

Perhaps ye should come to Bangkok and see with yer very own affiliate eyeballs…

👉👉👉 Ye Be The Judge Here (And Hit That Thanks Button God Damn It)

1 Jaybot + $132,369 = ??

Observe some more red numbers:

Ye get to watch Jaybot’s ups and downs coated in a hilarious copywriting masterclass.

‘Tis a slippery slope this thread, ye be warned.

Don’t blame me if ye can’t stop reading.

What more can an honest affiliate want?

Here, I’ll throw ye one last bone:

“Which should bring the Revenue to something like $132,369 Which isn’t a small chunk of change, but for 3 months, is really only $44k a month.”

👉👉👉 All Subscribe The Jaybot

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