💡 AM Insights from Gotzha 🎁 5 Free Gifts + 1 Big News

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💡  AM Insights from Gotzha 🎁 5 Free Gifts + 1 Big News

AM Insights from Gotzha

AM insights – @twinaxe’s Affiliate Tips Straight From The Frontline, aimed to help primarily beginners – this time covers an interview with Gotzha.

Many interesting interview questions reveal insights into what’s currently working well right now and how newbies can strategise their entire approach to AM.

From starting to scaling to communicating with your affiliate manager to what their most successful affiliates do (hint: they test a lot).

Here’s a sample of the interview questions asked, be sure to checkout the entire thread:

Speaking about beginners, they often struggle a bit when it comes to communication with their AMs. What do you recommend them, what´s the best way to approach the affiliate managers to get most out of the relationship for a beginner?

What should an affiliate do in case the AM takes too long to reply?

Which geos are good for beginners and why?

What verticals and conversion flows are best (easiest) for beginners, what verticals and conversion flows are best for maximum revenue?

How can affiliates increase conversion quality to avoid quality issues?

Talking about the most successful affiliates you work with, do you see a pattern that could help others as well to increase their revenue?

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[SPONSORED] 5 Free Gifts + 1 Big News

First off, here’s some huge news: Media500 is RE-BRANDING!

So what’s in it for you?

To celebrate our rebranding, we’ve prepared 5 incredible gifts for you, loyal STM readers:

Gift #1: A free 1-on-1 session with the one and only FBQueen, Christina Szekeres (a $3000 value to one lucky winner!)

Gift #2: Access to all of Media500’s cross-promo discount deals – for Traffic Sources, Spy Tools, and Forums!

Gift #3: Send 10 FTDs from ANY and ALL tier1 geos, and get 1 free!

Gift #4: Access to a free case study from iAmAttila, on how to use the brand-new, state-of-the-art Facebook spy tool VISTO!

Gift #5: HUGE discounts on Banners&Landers’ top 3 services:

• #1 – Hand-Built Wordpress Safe Sites with Unique Content 50 Safe Sites - $50/ea; 100 Safe Sites - $40/ea; 250+ Safe Sites - $30/ea

• #2 - Turnkey Ecom Product Advertorial, Offer Page on WP, and Checkout Page Design Regular price: $1899, now only $1399 ($500 off!)

• #3 - Custom Angle Writing & Advertorial Speed Optimized Design Now only $399 each ($101 off!)

To order, add them on telegram:@bannerslanders or skype:bannerslanders and mention Media500

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"We’ve got some huge and exciting changes coming up and the whole team have been working their fingers to the bone to get everything ready for next week’s big ‘surprise’.

We’ve got brand new state-of-the-art technology and tools available to really give our affiliates everything possible to get the ball rolling and keep their EPC as high as possible." – Benjamin Rose, Head Of PR

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“Anyone tried or doing coin farming”

An STM member asks: “There's a lot of buzz around it, gives 300-600% annual returns. Anyone tried it or doing it ?”

The general consensus is to stay away form coin farming (yield farming).

Moderator @erikgyepes has already attempted this and lost 6 figures doing it.

You have been warned.

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[Follow-Along] Pushing it to the limit with (S)cience (P)ropaganda (A)ggression (M)agnitude

Member @fastaj launches an interesting follow along aimed at learning about push notifications as a traffic source.

Already profitable, his thread gained traction last week.

Here are his ‘core tenets’ or in other words strategy or approach:

Test, test, test - launching minimum 1 test per day whether it be a lp, offer or creative, trying to relentlessly gather as many insights as possible. (Science)

Focus on building online sales/copy-writing skills - to refine and iterate instead of just ripping and running, not reinventing the wheel, but making it go faster. (Propaganda)

Being as aggressive as possible, aiming to get around 10% of campaigns disapproved by traffic sources, avoiding bans of course - no cloaking. (Aggression)

When profitable campaigns appear to scale them as hard and fast as possible profitably. Avoid complacency (Magnitude)

The core tenets so far (short for “SPAM”) seem to be producing $XX/day profits, see below:

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