Affiliate Migration to Magic Fountain happens this July

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Affiliate Migration to Magic Fountain happens this July
Affiliate Migration to Magic Fountain Happens This July

If you haven’t been to the Magic Fountain in Barcelona now is your chance to see it with yer own profit-seeking eyes.

On that note - Affiliate World Europe (also in Barcelona) is set to be the BIGGEST Affiliate World to date!

Did you know that the affiliate world conference was born out of a small 10-person STM meetup?

It then grew to become the biggest affiliate conference in the world.

And STMers are flocking to BCN this July.

Many reasons why:

(quoting the thread)

1) 6 STM Super Affiliates are taking stage to share even more knowledge than they do normally on the forum.

2) Experience @Mr Payne murder the stage sharing his exclusive, most profitable insights on Mobile Push ads, along with headliners Ezra Firestone, Cat Howell and Snapchat.

3) STM is co-hosting/co-sponsoring “Affiliate After Hours” a brand spanking new night event at Pacha Nightclub. Shush we haven’t announced yet – but you won’t want to miss this.

4) You'll be one of over 300 STM forum members that have already purchased their passes at the discounted price, join your tribe offline and forge those bonds.

5) We’ll be covering content on alternative traffic sources you won’t find much of on the forum - Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest and more..

6) We’re bringing back our top speaker from Affiliate World Asia, @Zack Franklin, to deliver a presentation on “the unfair advantage,” why affiliates are built for selling on amazon.

7) We’re bringing back our famous outdoor beer garden, with music and food trucks.

8) AWE will be at a completely new venue in the heart of beautiful Barcelona. Same spot Sonar Music Festival uses.

Also, LABS (not going to reveal too much):

Native Ads Lab Mobile Push Ads Lab
Ecommerce Branding & Traffic Lab
Build Your Agency Lab

Just check out what happened last year in BCN (not for the faint of heart):

Just be careful with the alcohol during the conference or you might miss your golden opportunity.

You’ve no idea how many people have gotten their campaigns to thousands a day based on a quick, tipsy tip from a drunken affiliate.

Instead, grab a notebook, keep a sharp mind and start buying people drinks.

The networking opportunities are basically priceless.

Everyone opens up in person.

You get to learn stuff no one would dare sharing even on STM.

More AWE details in here

Do You Get Shivers When You Hear Dropshipping?

Everyone does.

You launch campaigns, you source new products, you launch more campaigns.

And they just keep on failing.

We’re talking less than 1% success rate to find that one short-lived profitable product.

That’s because everyone and their grandma are doing dropshipping.

And they’re all doing it the same way, on the same traffic source, with the same lazy approach.

Is dropshipping dead?

Nope, not at all.

On the contrary, if you know what you’re doing, and if you do it differently from the flocks of sheepfilliates you get to put gold in your purse.

You do that by going straight to Pinterest.

You then pick shoes as your category of choice.

You then collect franklins big time.

It’s all about being an early adopter and having an edge - do what nobody else is doing.

This post reveals some chunky stats from a bunch of dropshipping stores killing it on Pinterest.

Might wanna check it out because Pinterest is gaining traction.

Pinterest secrets in here

How to Climb the SEO Slope With Paid Traffic Advertorials

The wild boars strike again.

It seems their hyper-intelligence is increasing exponentially. It’ll be the wild boars we’d have to fight, not AI or terminators.

This time around Mr. Wakeboarder is showing us how to pull a bunny out of the hat.

The trick is to use Similarweb to find authority niche sites.

And then you use advertorials (the exact same ones we use for paid traffic) to get #1 ranking spots in Uncle Google.

On a brand new domain too.

Mr. Wakeboarder ranked his stores to #1 in just 2 months with this stuff.

How to do this and more in the link below.

Advertorials for SEO

How Many Banners Do You Have To Throw into the Fire?

You throw a banner into the fire.

The fire keeps burning for a few days.

But then the fire dies out.

You throw a similar banner at it but it burns for a few minutes and it’s all gone again.

That’s the wrong way to do it.

Banner blindness is stronger than ever nowadays.

So how do you keep the fire going?

The answer is speed and strategy.

You have to cast a wide net when testing banners.

There’s no time for statistical significance. No time to get attached to any one banner.

You have to test simultaneously, and you have to keep adding more banners to the fire while you’re running campaigns.

See exactly how to keep the fire going here

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