Affiliate Marketing Lessons – How to Fish 🎣

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Affiliate Marketing Lessons – How to Fish 🎣

Affiliate Marketing Lessons – How to Fish

This thread initially asked a simple Propellerads traffic question but it has turned into one of the usual STM golden nuggets, with 3 pages of content from STM’s experts.

Multiple mods and members explaining in detail and teaching newbies ‘how to fish’.

Burning questions get answered, such as:

  • At what point do you stop testing and start focusing on a winner?

  • Should you rip landers from Adplexity? Let’s say you found a spinning wheel lander, should you make 5 variations of that and test or is this a terrible idea?

  • 1 dating lander gets dissected by @twinaxe – see why this 1-column lander won’t work, and how to make it better

  • Why you should focus on offers first, landers second

>> Make sure you see the entire thread <<

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AM Insights - Maria from Alfaleads

@twinaxe’s great AM insights interview series have just returned with the next guest:

Maria from Alfaleads

Here are a few of the insightful questions asked by @twinaxe ad answered by Maria:

What trends do you see, what´s hot and what is going slow? Let´s talk about geos, are there specific geos that you would recommend? What geos do you recommend for affiliates who run your offers and why do you recommend it? How can the conversion quality be improved so that affiliates don´t have to deal with quality issues? Let´s switch from beginners to successful affiliates, do you see a pattern with your most successful affiliates that could help beginners as well?

Tons more questions inside.

And the answers are even better.

>> Go read the full interview <<

First $XXX/day

STMer @jeffff came back after a while and posted these stats:

His first $XXX/day.

Here’s a quote:

“...I finally had my first $XXX day this month. Learned a ton with pop traffic, but ultimately applied that to other traffic sources to finally find some green. Took me a long time, but proof that if you stick with it, you'll eventually find your first $XXX day too!”

>> Go give Jeffff some love! <<

@offshore Follow Along Update – Taboola Campaign Disapprovals!

@offshore’s positive attitude and persistence have paid off numerous times already with him hitting some easy $XXX days!

Just look below:

As of right now, he’s transitioning to Taboola.

The problem?

After fixing tracking issues, his campaigns have been getting disapproved.

What’s the next step?

>> Sub right here and wait for updates <<

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