💀 Affiliate Marketing Dies Again 🤔Check Out Adsterra CPA

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💀 Affiliate Marketing Dies Again 🤔Check Out Adsterra CPA
💀 Affiliate Marketing Dies Again

Basically, this post by Charles Ngo sent shivers down an innocent newbie’s spine:

And there ye have our thread - “affiliate marketing is dead”...again.

But ye can’t run shady stuff that easily anymore!

But ye can’t throw in 2 “CLICK HERE” landers, 3 offers and wake up to $1k+ profits the next day on an unoptimized campaign.

But Facebook’s so trigger happy how do I run my shitty diet ads???

And the list goes on and on.

Basically, go watch this video by Jesus himself, Topher from GiddyUp:

Here’s a yours-truly summary in a nutshell:

  • It ain’t as easy no mo (which is great, less competition)

  • It’s huge-er than ever (go see Jesus’ video)

  • Way more opportunities than before

  • It has changed, is changing, and this is great

  • AM keeps dying every year since ‘98

  • Scared newbies

  • Drooling veterans

Plus, basically, every AM veteran joined in on the thread to clear things up – always an amusing read.

>> Rest in Peace Again AM - Clickie Here <<

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What To Run on Outbrain

@sportex needs offers to run on Outbrain.

And @jack_l, @platinum and others turned this thread into so much more.

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How Do I Track My Own Lead Gen Offers?

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Alibaba + Shipbob?

“Hi all,

As I'm exploring the dropshipping world I stumbled upon an interesting product. While I can dropship the product from Aliexpress for $16 per unit with 4 weeks shipping time, there is a more attractive alternative.

If I buy 300 units from Alibaba it will cost me around $2.70 per piece. Including the cost from Shipbob & shipping, it will total around $11 per unit. This will not only increase my margin but also allow me to offer faster shipping from the US. Is this too simplistic and am I missing something? Otherwise, this seems like a far better alternative than dropshipping via Aliexpress.”

Is this guy on the right track?

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