Affiliate Man Vs Machine! Also, how to live the good life, illustrated

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Affiliate Man Vs Machine! Also, how to live the good life, illustrated
Follow Along: Making Native Ads Work in 2017 - Man vs Machine

"I decided to start this case study about natives where I'll go through the whole process from scratch. From finding the offers, landers, creatives, picking up 2-3 different traffic sources and a couple of geos to split test, down to the optimization. The goal here is to compare campaign performance and time spent when doing things the old fashion way (aka manual) and using platforms like "

DISCUSSION: How To Get Hired By An Affiliate?

"Some people need the extra guidance, some people don't have the money and need a job. Either way, they can't do affiliate marketing alone and want to do the next best thing - join a team."

What a Life Well Lived looks like.

"A cool diagram illustrating the concept of ikigai"

Live and Work in Thailand. 4 Years, Legally.

"BANGKOK — A plan to offer four-year visas to highly skilled professionals and investors was endorsed Friday by the Cabinet."

HOWTO: Testosterone booster trial offer!

MrClean offers a step-by-step guide on how to run campaigns in this vertical

Advice needed on where to start (POP vs ecommerce)!

STM's brain trust offers multiple viewpoints on the best place to start in 2017.

Visiting Manila? Tips Here

"I visit Manila a lot so thought I would brain dump some tips here -- from the perspective of an affluent foreigner who wants to save time, avoid chaos and enjoy things on my own terms rather than being stuck in traffic (spoiler alert: lots of traffic in Manila)."

How to find the RIGHT crypto coins to buy – One simple way

"I bet if you are new to the world of cryptocoins and bitcoin, the above info just made your head feel like its going to explode. It’s OK TO BE CONFUSED! I bet you are thinking, yea I can look at all that info, but how do i understand it, interpret it… ultimately HOW DO I PICK WHICH COIN TO BUY?"

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