🏦 Affiliate-Friendly Bank Minus The Evil Bits? 📌How to Bank from the Most-Untapped Geos

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🏦 Affiliate-Friendly Bank Minus The Evil Bits? 📌How to Bank from the Most-Untapped Geos

🏦 Affiliate-Friendly Bank Minus The Evil Bits?

What’s this, ye ask?

A bank for online marketers and ecom people?

Copy-pasta below:

Most banks suck.

They are slow. Massive fees for everything. Endless KYC. Slow sign up process. Cards have limits. Little or No Cashback.

Most of them just offer the bare minimum service to customers and charge a whole lot for it. Not very nice.

So what if there was a bank that could do more for you? _A bank that actually solves problems for you rather than create them_?

So a team was assembled and we created our vision for the perfect bank -- and we are dying to know if you agree with our vision.

Introducing Juni: The Only Bank in the World Tailored for Online Marketing & E-Commerce Businesses.

Don’t ye love it when threads sell themselves?

It has that nice, new and exciting ring to it.

That funky buzz and tension in the air.

Case in point?

Basically get $250 washingtons in 5 minutes for free if ye check out this futuristic bank.

They sold this part well too, lookie below.


“Other than getting a sneak peek of your future bank we are also offering $250 to each user who completes the 5 minute demo & survey. The money will be credited to your account once we are live and you start using the service.”

As is customary, yer welcome.

>> Hold yer breath and dive right into Juni - it be free right now + free benjamins <<

How to Bank from the Most-Untapped Geos

Tired of fighting over US traffic with a pack of other affiliates?

What if I told you there are geos you’ve been ignoring, that have:

  • Low competition and saturation

  • High conversion rates and offer payouts

I’m talking about Arabic geos. (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, plus 20+ more.)

What makes them lucrative?

  • 600 million online users

  • Exploding revenues! Forbes: Revenues reached $24 billion in 2020, to reach $60 billion in 2025

  • Highly-educated users with huge disposable incomes

Why isn’t this goldmine saturated?

Because the big networks don't speak Arabic or understand local consumer needs, there simply weren't affiliate offers in this market.

That is, until we came along.

Hi! We’re ArabClicks. We will help you capitalize on this massive opportunity.

Why you should choose us:

  • We are the same entrepreneurs who fueled the staggering market growth mentioned above - plus a team of 7-figure affiliates. So we know how to help you succeed!

  • As savvy local entrepreneurs, we know which verticals are hot, and how to create the best-converting offers!

  • We have many offers for all Arab geos. $332 AOV and 8% CR is REAL!

  • Lots of training materials to help you market to this demo (check out our academy)

  • Bonus rewards for high-performing affiliates

The Arab market has grown so fast, and very few affiliates are aware of the potential, so competition is still low.

Plus - because Arabs haven’t been hounded by ads, they are very responsive, resulting in high conversion rates.

Get in on this opportunity before other affiliates jump in - add us on skype (skype ID: live:accounts_26213) and we’ll get you set up!

>> Give Me a Piece of the $24 Billion Pie NOW!<<

How to Hire Thirsty Freelancers as a Non-Techie, Easily

How ‘bout we test a new newsletter format?

Bite-sized thread chunks.



1) Ye are busy and always want the juice ASAP (lazy)

2) I’m busy (lazy)

3) Speed & ease


This guy’s looking for a full-stack tech person.

For landers, tracking, servers, api stuff, convert wireframes to HTML etc.

A right-hand man, if ye may.

Should he hire one-off freelancers?

Or scour the job boards for a full-time position?

Do ye need to split-test yer employees?

>> Clickie here for tips, tricks, hiring strategies and STM pearls of wisdom <<

The first conversion’s the most memorable – thanks to @vortex’s 40-day guide

Indeed it is.

It’s the most memorable one of all yer conversions.

Ye take it with ye for life.

This is what hooks ye in.

“This stuff works.”

It’s that tiny spark.

A spec of hope.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

>> Go ye here and encourage a newbie...and lest we forget where we come from <<

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems – How Do Ye Handle Cashflow at High Volumes?

Do ye think super affiliates sit atop stacks of rat-infested dollah-bills – throwing money at traffic sources care-free?


How do they run big camps without running out of cash/credit before the next payout plunges in?

Quote: “Do you have a bunch of credit cards? Really high credit limit? Or just got a pile of cash in the bank?

In short, yes, yes and yes.

If it’s cashflow ye want – ye definitely don’t want to be stuck with month-long payouts.

Negotiate for weeklies.


More in the below linkie:

>> @matuloo, @twinaxe and other legends show ye how they get dat cashflow – Hello American Express... <<

This the New Sweeps?

Basically, a brand new offer type’s popped up on ye olde radar.

The sweeps market’s regulations compared to 10 yearz ago is like a rope around a sweep offer’s neck and a flimsy, rotten chair underneath.

These guys wanted to transform the sweeps market – and they’re onto somethin’.

A full-blown guide on where/how to run these brand spankin’ new sweep offers.

Best part?

100% approved by Lazy Neo himself:

“I tested 27 campaigns so far but only kept 2 campaigns running.

These two campaigns run without any maintenance and made about €606 revenue at about 90%-95% ROI.

Total I made €667.95 total revenue at about 30% ROI.“

Best-est part?

Expect a Lazy Neo guide on these bad boys.

My advice In the meantime?

When ye see an opportunity...

>> Go ye here and sink yer teeth in deep ASAP <<

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