🧪 A TikTok Experiment

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🧪 A TikTok Experiment
🧪 TikTok Experiment

Oi, psst_, are you an _affiliate network?

Surely you’ve heard of the latest TikTok explosions happening on STM.

Surely you’ve heard of mighty Big Scotty G, TikTok degen volcanoes, TikTok gen-Z kids, and big numbers accompanying each respectively?

Surely, then, you’d want to pitch yer best TikTok offers in front of hungry STM professionals.

@vortex has initiated a TikTok experiment, allow me to paste the thread below:

Affiliate Network Reps: Pitch Us Your Best Offers for Tiktok!

As in the subject. Since so many members are running on Tiktok, I thought it'd be a good idea to ask for offers openly.

But please - do NOT spam this thread with offers that don't meet the following requirements!

1) Only offers that have proven performance on Tiktok.

2) Only offers that are fine with Tiktok's traffic quality (which tends to be lower than FB).

3) Please indicate whether your network's tracking platform has integration for Tiktok (pixels etc.)

4) Please mention whether you provide video content (UCG, product demo etc.) for affiliates to use in creatives.

5) Please include major KPIs, e.g. CTR, CR, CPA. Plus any other relevant info such as cap and volumes. (No inflated stats please - would be embarrassing to get called out when nobody can reach those numbers!)

EDIT: P.S. A list of verticals that are known to work on Tiktok:!&p=422254&viewfull=1#post422254

>> Affiliate Networks Give Us Yer Best Offers...Now <<

[SPONSORED] Still Fighting over US Traffic? You’re Leaving Money on the Table

Every affiliate knows how lucrative the United States can be.

But that’s exactly the problem: Too many affiliates are fighting to get a share of the pie.

Meanwhile, there’s another country with almost half the number of internet users as the US, that has escaped the radar of many affiliates.

I’m talking about JAPAN - ranked 5th in the world for the number of internet users, only 2 places behind USA.

Moreover, users in Japan have WAY more buying power than those in India (ranked 2nd) and Brazil (ranked 4th).

And Japan has WAY less competition than the US.

We at Zeydoo have done the research to help YOU monetize this geo - and we’ve put all the information into a PDF for your reading pleasure.

You can download this PDF by clicking here.

Find out from the PDF:

  • What verticals are the most profitable

  • Consumer psychology and behavior

  • What creatives work best

  • And more!

Download Now: A Comprehensive Guide to Verticals, Traffic, and Leads in Zeydoo’s special PDF about Japan!

Moreover: Zeydoo has prepared the best offers to help you monetize this geo! Join Zeydoo today to get access to the hottest offers.

P.S. Zeydoo is preparing more useful content on other well-converting GEOs, don’t miss it!

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Big ScottyG’s TikTok Pro-Tips

Master ScottyG’s latest mini-update includes:

Lowest cost vs Manual bid testing on TikTok.

Why he’s split-testing manual bids against his 1-month-old lowest-cost control group.

And why only 1 of his 6 ad groups results in half the CPA of the control group.

The man himself, speaks:

I've been adapting to a wonderful new world haha, life is pretty amazing when you have complete freedom.

Currently flying to Italy so I can take a kayak down the river Soča and then go visit Meteora in Greece.

In terms of TikTok, I'm trying to have 5 cracked ecom offers for Holiday Q4 season, got 3 right now.

I'll throw up an update soon, not doing anything crazy right now, researching more.

>> Micro-ScottyG-Update Here, Click-Click <<

Degen TikTokery Has Momentary Blip

@jack_l’s explosive start, $1k/day profit in basically what are 30 seconds since launch, has finally experienced a hiccup:

Alright you guys.... so for the sake of providing a sentiment counterbalance...

_Newest Update_

Today has been awful lol...

New Spanish ecom campaign got denied, then denied again on appeal for 4x different reasons lol...

German version of that same campaign got approved... but did absolutely horrible... not a single sale and add-to-cart ratio was like 1/10th of what it was for same offer in Canada...

And then a lot of my camps that were killing it a week ago have had their cpa's keep going up and are now in the red...

Ahh, the sweet smell of a forthcoming challenge.


Yours truly was getting worried jack was gonna have it all easy.

That would’ve been un-entertaining.

P.S.: @jack_l wraps up with some wisdom ye’d want to write down:

Obstacles are just opportunities as they say though, so hopefully will just be a momentary blip, or twisted ankle on the ascent of Everest

>> See Jack’s Purple Twisted Ankle Here <<

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