A Dropshipping Noob’s $30k Day…

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Dropshipping Noob Hits A $30k Day

By this point, ye’ve heard of @cassshy.

He’s set his sights on dropshipping now, but ‘fore we get into any of that…

Look at this Shopify screenshot:

We then got an update in the thread…observe:

Yes, that’s a $30k/day.

“Yesterday's results - $30k revenue, 50% ROI. Getting some issues with payment providers - they are wondering what's the reason of increased revenue”.

‘Yours Truly you’re full of **! How is this dude a noob?’

Bear with me…

Cassshy may not be an affiliate noob.

But he’s never touched dropshipping.

He’s never had his own store.

Yet how is this possible?

He’s an STMer.

To clarify–he’s a super-affiliate.

And affiliate skills are transferable to…everything.


Lead gen.

Brick & mortar.

Ye name it.

Here, I’ll even throw in a reply-testimonial:

“This is crazy. So much value already in this thread - my motivation just spiked. Following this!”

And yes, yer welcome.

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Did I hear ‘Dropshipping’? Here’s a $1M/Year Blueprint

While we’re on the subject, might as well…

Let me shatter yer idea of ‘dropshipping’.

1. ‘Dropshipping’ is not a business model.


Don’t picture dropshipping toddlers on YouTube.

‘Dropshipping’ is simply a fulfilment method.

Ye hold no stock.

Someone ships it for you.

That’s it.

2. ‘Dropshipping’ is not doing ‘Aliexpress research’ trying to find the next hot crappy product.


Let me paste in wise words from this thread’s newly-joined master himself, @arc323:

“The normal way most Youtube gurus and dropship bros tell you to find products is using a spy tool or to find a store that is doing well and copy the product. So basically they tell you to just ride the coattails of successful dropship stores. This is stupid for a few reasons...

  1. You're always going to be behind the eight ball, chasing others and playing catch up.

  2. You will have competition right out of the gate.

  3. You will 100% get customers commenting on your ads, saying the product sucks, but who never bought your product. They buy from another shop and then think they bought from you when they see your ads.

  4. You never get to set the pricing trend, etc. You'll be following others vs making the market yourself.”

But that’s not even the best part of this thread.

Inside ye’ll find:

– How @arc323 made over $1M in sales last year with a ‘dropshipping’ product

– The exact stores he used ye shall find inside (and one extremely vital aspect to success…the design)

– Why you do NOT want a lower priced product and why you do NOT fight on price…ever.

–The creatives and angles that make or break yer entire game. Plus, one way to crop Youtube vids so you can easily test yer ideas (and not get detected by AIs)

– The 2 places @arc323 finds products that don’t have anything to do with Aliexpress…or crappy Chinese products. Or anything to do with your concept of ‘dropshipping’.

And more. Way more.

But I ain’t got enough space in this here newsletter.

Ye’ll have to see for yerself.

Yer welcome.

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Are High Prices Good or Bad?

Seems like it’s ‘ecommerce Wednsday’ up in here.


Look at this thread from Lazy Neo…on that very same subject:

“Yesterday I watched a report on Youtube about how products wrappings, a products price and such stuff can affect/manipulate our decisions to buy something or not.

A huge psychological driver is the price. When something costs more we automatically assume that it´s a good product and of better quality than cheaper ones.

In our campaigns we usually try to lure the users with cheaper prices, with discounts, bargains and what else.

Then I realized that I never tried to do exactly the opposite but probably it could be interesting to see how it goes.

Did anyone of you tried already to promote a product as (very) expensive instead of cheap to give it a more exclusive or higher quality image?

If yes, please tell about it. Or what do you think about that approach in general?

I really would like to hear about it.”


We’re all used to steep discounts.

Unbelievable offers.

Buy one get one free.

But is there something to pricing yer items high?

What do ye think?

I’ll give ye a hint or two.

Ever heard of Veblen goods?

Ever wondered why expensive wine tastes better?

This, and more, revealed inside.

Yer welcome.

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