99% of eCommerce People Are Crazy

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99% of eCommerce People Are Crazy
99% of eCommerce People Are Crazy

STM member “midsoufi” recently said eCommerce is driving him crazy.

He says there’s the 1% who always find profitable products, but he’s always part of the 99% who just can’t get any profits. He tried spying on Amazon, Aliexpress, similar sites, spy tools and everything in between but nothing works.

What came after were absolute “must not miss” post from STM veterans and mods. Some of which are hitting 7 figures+ numbers.

It’s about angles.

It’s about having a different approach.

There’s no point in selling what’s hot - others are already way, way ahead of you.

You have to know your market, think long-term and everything else falls in place.

The hows and juicy details are inside the thread.

Learn how you can REALLY make eCommerce work

“All Your Clicks Are Belong To Us”

STM legend, Matuloo, unravels the mystery of clickloss in excruciating detail.

What does clickloss mean?

Why does it happen? (there are natural and “bad” clicklosses FYI)

What can you do about it? (if anything)

What’s considered an acceptable clickloss?

And so.much.more.

See the definitive click-loss guide here

An STM Tom Cruise tackles eCommerce with his deadly affiliate skills

Queue Mission Impossible Theme

Are affiliate marketing skills transferable to other industries?

You bet!

They’re transferable to ANY industry out there.

If you master the traffic sources, niches and numbers, you can do practically anything. Lead gen? Pay per call? Starting your own agency? Check, check and check.

And especially eCommerce.

That’s what “kinged” just did in his follow along.

He’s transferred his razor sharp affiliate skills to eCommerce and he’s already making waves.

He’s even got a complex setup with quizes, funnels and back end.

Plan is in place.

There’s already more action than Tom Cruise’s insane stunts.

What’s left is to optimize and hit profits.

Keep an eye out for this one

The Dark, Murky Waters of Facebook Audiences and Casino

Ever wondered how people get a hold of insanely converting lookalike and retargeting audiences on FB, especially for niches like Casino?

Before creating an audience you have to spend $XX-$XXX in video engagement ads.

Then you need to answer these 2 questions:

  • What’s your target audience?
  • What’s your monthly budget?

Once you have these in place, you take a niche like “online slots”

Then you want to come up with 3 or 4 angles of attack in terms of audiences you can target. (STM member “cassshy” lists them all in this thread)

Next you hit up the FB Audience Insights tool and that’s where all the magic happens, you get some proper suggestions based on your angle of approach above.

Then it’s time to setup a whole bunch of audiences on your LP (ask your AM).

And finally launching campaigns in a very specific way, which “cassshy” describes in detail in his thread - literally day by day, budgets, when to cut and optmise and so on. (this is where all the meat of the thread is).

We highly recommend you checkout this thread, we just can’t reveal too much. All the juicy details are inside.

Facebook Dark Audiences Here

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