8 Unignorable Copy Hooks to Cement Attention

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8 Unignorable Copy Hooks to Cement Attention

My headline > thread headline.


Did ye know we’ve got almost all AdWorld Pro speeches on STM?

Right here and now.

For f-r-e-e.

Yes, completely, unquestionably free.

Videos, text, presentations you name it.

Maybe ye wanna write sick hooks, here’s a taste:

Or maybe, you wanna dissect a $3 million dollar Facebook ad.

In any case, methinks these speeches don’t get the love they deserve.

So I come hunting for ‘thanks’.

Yer welcome.

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‘Zuckerbook Is The Most Frustrating Platform Ever’

3 bans later and this man is furious.

“This is the first time i need to vent about Facebook. To this day i have never ever experienced such a badly structured company as Facebook. And i have dealt with a lot of companies in the past online.”

No one disagrees.

“What happens? I get instantly blocked on FB for Payment Issues. I appeal the decision. It takes them 29 days (!!!) to get back to me and telling me they have re-enabled my account.”

For what?

A measly 0.29 cents.

Twenty-nine cents.

You mess up, yer out. - Zuck

There are ways around this.

Some may cost ye.

Others may cost yer nerves.

Either way, interesting read.

👉👉👉 Go Get Angry At The Zuck

How Do ClickBank Offers Still Work?

“Hey peeps, can someone please explain how people still ‘fall’ for these VSL offers on ClickBank?

Like, just when we consider the fact that soooo many affiliates have pushed these offers at a huge scale.

I imagine every American must have seen these VSL’s at some point. Obviously, offers change and new VSL’s are created. But they all promise the same 7 second rituals etc.

This is a serious question. The reason I ask is because paid traffic really fascinates me, and ClickBank seems like a nice network.

I just don’t understand how these offers continue to sell when affiliates push them HARD on every major platform - Facebook, Native, Google, YouTube, you name it…”


Facebook, Native & Google are flooded with CB offers.

And countless sneaky affiliates.

And yet…they work.

They’ve always worked.

Here’s why.

Keyword: consumerism.

Definition: “Consumerism is a concept that focuses on a social and economic arrangement where consumers do not hesitate to spend on things, which are not necessarily their basic requirements.”


“The mid-18th century marked the beginning of the consumerism movement. People started spending more on material goods that were not really their need but only a lifestyle obsession.”

One could say we’ve been swinging Acai Berry and health offers for about 2 centuries.

Newspapers, word of mouth.


To now Zuckerbook.



Salesletters to VSLs.

It’s all the exact same %$@!.

Different formats and mediums.

And yet…they keep buying.

And it ain’t slowing down either.

In fact, it’s speeding up.

They’ll never stop buying, and there’s a good reason why.

STM legends shed some light in there.

Ye might wanna take notes.

Yer welcome.

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