$790 Profit in 1 Day – Jaybot-san’s Follow Along 困るね。🤭

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$790 Profit in 1 Day – Jaybot-san’s Follow Along 困るね。🤭
$790 Profit in 1 Day – Jaybot-san’s Follow Along 困るね。🤭

Jaybot-san hits $790 profit in 1 day.


A new record has been set.

What did it take? About 20 pages of persistent updates.

Cost to reach these profits? About $1200.

Where did the majority of those high $XXX/day profits appear from?

>> Ye’d be surprised - see for yourself right here <<

[SPONSORED] Never Optimize Your Campaigns Again!

What if I told you that you never have to optimize your campaigns again?

Be done with all the tweaking but still get enough conversions to call yourself a proud affiliate?

Too compelling to be true?

Yet, it is true.

Please, welcome CPA Goal:

  • an AI-driven

  • fully-automated

  • cost-effective

...campaign optimization algorithm by PropellerAds.

— And who’re you again?

We’re PropellerAds, #1 traffic source for advertisers and affiliate marketers. People come to us to launch campaigns all over the world so we know the drill.

— And what’s the drill?

So, we have this smart pricing model, CPA Goal. It works for OnClick popunders and now also on push notifications — ta-daaa!

It’s so smart that it only needs your desired conversion price to optimize the heck out of a campaign.

In short, it analyzes how well your campaign converts on certain shares of traffic and buys out those that perform best.

— How is that beyond human capacity? I can do the same by pumping the bid!

Yes, you can. But then you’d be wasting money. If some clicks cost $0,05, why pay $1 for them?

CPA Goal changes the bid dynamically. As a result, you get the most conversions at the most reasonable price.

— Fine, sold! Let’s talk details.

CPA Goal works best on simple offers with a short conversion flow.

That means, it might get confused if, to convert, the user needs to register, provide their credit card info, buy life insurance and submit a recent drug test.

So, try these:

  • App Installs

  • Single Opt-In registrations (SOI)

In this case, your hottest verticals would be:

  • Finance

  • Sweepstakes

  • iGaming

  • Utilities

So, how about you never do manual optimization again?

Here’s What Hosting Expert STMers Use

One newbie asked for hosting suggestions.


I am following @vortex tutorial for beginners, but still would appreciate suggestions for affordable and effective hosting for beginners. Thanks.”

And STM mods and experts jumped in with suggestions ranging from:

  • Dedicated servers

  • Typical VPS services from Digital Ocean and Vultr

  • When you should get a CDN and why sometimes it doesn’t matter

Additionally, the newbie gets some much-needed encouragement to refrain from overthinking and to start taking action.

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Designing and Promoting Vacation Package Offer with Push

“Doing this project is the most fun I've had this year.”

This is a different follow along and a fresh take on a unique niche.

@fastestexit is building up their own offer and making money while doing so. The follow along is already profitable.

"I've negotiated a deal and created a mutually beneficial offer for a client and my organization. I'm also using less common tools and a brand new ad network.

Marketing a timeshare exit company is incredibly difficult. People meet it with a lot of skepticism because there are a lot of companies that charge people thousands of dollars and later do nothing to help them end their contract. On Adwords, clicks go for around $20. Facebook is tough because people leave hostile comments on your advertisements multiple times a day, driving away potential customers. Being both budget-minded and technical, I wanted to find other traffic sources that might be more effective for my purposes. Push fits the bill."

Quite different from the rest this follow along focuses on:

  • Marketing a timeshare exit company

  • And at the same time selling travel leads to a travel company

  • Using mostly push traffic in Mexico

  • Custom landing pages and super interesting setup

  • Testing unique traffic sources.

>> Go sub to this thread right away <<

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