7-Figure Marketers Teach These 5 Quick, Proven Steps To Skyrocket Affiliate Sales

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7-Figure Marketers Teach These 5 Quick, Proven Steps To Skyrocket Affiliate Sales

Ad World May 2021 was full of tactical takeaways, where some of the world’s most brilliant marketers revealed their step-by-step formulas for success. Pat Flynn took a deep dive into his proven methods for becoming a traffic magnet on both Google and YouTube to spike his affiliate marketing revenue.

Kim Barrett coached Ad World attendees on how to attract quality leads with the help of a 10-minute long MICRO VSL and a two-step lead magnet that directs a cold audience to a CTA packed in a video.

Jana Krekic took a deep dive into TikTok and demonstrated a six-step framework for leveraging the hottest social platform of the moment to drive a ton of traffic to your products. She emphasized the importance of having a locally-popular soundtrack, employing a 15-second story, using drama visuals, and gaining your followers’ trust through showcasing product pros and cons in an honest way.

The Free Way vs the Headache-free Way: Positioning Your Affiliate Product As The Superior Solution

Pat Flynn’s “Open Case Study Method” is a bulletproof traffic magnet. Here’s how it works: by documenting the step-by-step process of teaching your followers how to do something for free, you can catapult your site to the top of the Google rankings and get an avalanche of traffic. You’ll be able to integrate your affiliate offer and rack up more sales too. The first step is to create a website on a topic that fills a hole on the market. The second step involves posting a pillar article and embedding a video to get traffic both from Google and YouTube.

Make sure that your article is packed with insight and reads like the authority on the topic. For example, Pat Flynn posted an article titled “the ultimate guide to using keywords for SEO optimization.” Here, Flynn shared the arduous process of doing keyword research. He made sure to demonstrate the free way of keyword optimization, which should be a doable but arduous process, and the headache-free way, which should be a much more convenient and simpler method. The headache-free way is where he positioned his affiliate product as the obvious choice.

By writing about the free way, you’ll be able to get your readers read through most of the content on your page. By providing value and genuinely presenting your affiliate product as the no-brainer choice, you’ll then be able to turn curiosity into conversions and amplify sales.

Create a Free “Small Win Challenge” & Present Your Affiliate Product as Step 2

According to Flynn, people love quick challenges because they offer an excuse to accomplish a daunting task in a set timeframe with a group of people. But of course, you’ll need to give them an incentive to participate in the free challenge. An easy way is to give them free actionable advice that can help them immediately. In his case, he created a free “Small Win Challenge” to get participants to build an email list and scale it from 0 to 100 subscribers in 3 days. He hyped this challenge up through Facebook ads. The secret? That was only the first step.

The second step of the challenge presented his affiliate product as the natural “next step”, i.e. how to convert potential customers in these participants’ new email lists using ConvertKit. Because his leads succeeded in the first free “Small Win Challenge”, they’ll want to replicate this success on the next level and now be much more likely to convert with your affiliate product.

Drive Traffic to Your Product by Leveraging TikTok Using This Six-Step Framework

Jana Krekic kicked off her session by revealing a surprising fact -- there’s a big percentage of unduplicated users on TikTok who can not be found anywhere else. A total of 44% of users who are on TikTok are not on Facebook. Another 74% of users who are on TikTok are not on Twitter; The data shows that 31% of Instagram users, 49.5% of Snapchat users, and 9% of YouTube users are all unduplicated on TikTok, according to statistics for the EU. This means that being active on TikTok is the only way to reach that audience and stop leaving money on the table. In Krekic’s masterclass, she revealed the step-by-step framework for sellers to stand out on TikTok and cut through the noise.

You need to own your narrative by showcasing user testimonials, products, and create how-to videos. First, start with an attention hook and tell a story within 15 seconds. It’s critical that you keep your music on at all times to keep users’ attention by using a song that’s trending in the particular country. And don’t forget to deliver your offer before the 15-second story is up and present a clear CTA in your last frame. Make sure you turn up the drama by using close-up visuals in brand-related colors for a maximum impact too. Lastly, build trust by sharing useful information and pros and cons of the product in a genuine way, and include authentic reviews. If you follow these six steps, you’re guaranteed to boost your sales on TikTok and turn fans into loyal buyers.

Create a Mini Webinar of 10 Minutes or Less That Delivers Massive Value

Webinars still work (contrary to what haters say). Offer a free webinar. There’s no better way to entice potential leads than getting them to commit to spending time with you online, consuming your content. In the webinar, make sure to provide massive value. That could be in the form of education, coaching, or any other way you can share your expertise to improve people’s lives. Collect subscribers’ phone numbers so that you and your team can follow up.

Or, deliver a mini webinar/ micro VSL, a short and highly-specific video training that articulates exactly what you do and how you can help viewers. Once they are sold on your expertise, direct them to get in touch with you.

You can either position the mini webinar on the first page, before directing leads to find out more about you and get in touch, or locate it on the “thank you” page after their opt-in. This method is proven to work even with cold traffic and cold audiences, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

Follow Up Your Opt-in Lead Magnet with a CTA Inside a Video

Kim Barrett bets on a two-step formula to get flooded with leads. It consists of an opt-in gift such as an ebook, a downloadable guide, or a whitepaper, followed by a video containing the CTA to book a call with you. This is an attention-grabbing strategy that manages to entice more prospects than a simple text page would. Capture emails and phone numbers during the process so you can engage with your audience further.

This is just a tiny fraction of the actionable insights Ad World May 2021 speakers shared with over 53,721 attendees in 166 countries. Supercharge your passive income revenue by positioning your affiliate product as the obvious, “headache-free solution.” Build your site around a pillar post and a video that would skyrocket your traffic and conquer the Google rankings. Generate top-quality leads by betting on a mini webinar packed with juicy tips, and follow up your opt-in with a CTA inside a video, instructing your audience to book a consultation. Leverage the power of TikTok to reach unduplicated users and convert them into customers with a proven six-step framework.

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