👸$7,804 “Very Unique” Washingtons 📲 Push Like A Pro

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👸$7,804 “Very Unique” Washingtons 📲 Push Like A Pro

👸$7,804 “Very Unique” Washingtons

Look, fellas, gonna keep this special snowflake short.

Lookie here:

This be one “very unique” follow along.

So unique, in fact, it bears “unique fruit”. Who’d have expected?

Lemme explain, in case sarcasm typically darts right past you.

1. Hard work

2. Persistence

3. Determination

4. Asking questions

5. Not quitting

6. Fill-in-the-blanks

Extremely unique.

Examples of OP asking detailed questions and taking action:

“What would you say that the biggest difference to an offer is:

- How to advertizer monetizes it and sends conversions to the network

- How the offer lander looks

- How fast is the offer lander

- How the affiliate network deals with your earnings from the advertiser

- The quickness of redirect speed of the affiliate network

Anything I missed?”


$7,804.10 revenue in July, minus $6,408.15 = $1,395.95 profits.

Main point being?

@roiter123 put in the work.

He took advantage of STM’s army of legendary moderators and ye-olde-school affiliate dogs.

He asked questions.

He persisted.

Need we say more?

Do ye see the pattern?

>> Give here yer unique thanks <<

[SPONSORED] Push Like A Pro

Lost in the waters of media buying? Dunno where to start, how to quickly test offers and what steps to take in order to maximize the performance of your PUSH traffic campaigns?

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Take a peek behind the curtain and learn how the professionals test new offers, in this new media buying strategic template.

Pushground is sharing their All-in-One Playbook, which lays out the exact path you should take when testing new CPA offers. Fine-tuned and used by their in house media buying team for the past 3 years.

Yes, this is a proven strategy that can be adapted and applied to any offer.


Who is Pushground you might ask?

Pushground is a performance ad network that allows media buyers and affiliates to maximize their performance-marketing, by providing a global supply of high-quality Push ad traffic. Get a competitive advantage with Pushground’s robust campaign automation and the industry’s most refined user “freshness” targeting in a fast and powerful platform.

Get started today with a 20% deposit bonus for all STM members! Just follow the link below and tell your account manager that you’ve come from STM.

>>Signup at Pushground<<

💰How Long is the Typical Affiliate Bill?

Our Zeropark buddies have asked – and answered – a serious question:

💰 How much money do you need to be successful in Affiliate Marketing?

This thread though.

This is how you make a proper STM thread if ye want affiliate gangsters to buy yer traffic or swing yer offers.

And trust you.

(Vendors – one eye touching the monitor, the other pointed at a notebook)


Here’s what’s covered:

What are the costs of affiliate marketing?

Should you spend money on affiliate marketing courses?

How expensive are the additional affiliate marketing tools?

Revenue vs. profit

Cash Flow

Managing expectations as a beginner in affiliate marketing

P.S. Newbies may wanna take a look before diving into the deep end. That’s why we see


Taboola Why U Treat me Like This? $840 Spend -> $240 Revenue

Feast yer eyes and satiate yer hunger.

Newbie tears below.

How did we miss this one?

“I'm a Native Newbie who just started native in May. This taboola campaign was running for 5 days, spent 809 USD, generated 4 conversions, 240 USD revenue. I set 0.46 USD as smart bid and 3000 USD monthly budget with balanced delivery. In the first 3 days, it looks promising but there're no conversions in the 4th and 5th days. So I paused it in the 5th day.”

The offer?

Ecom, $60 payout, in the US (muy competitive, no?)

Why did the performance drop though, for real?

>> Basically, go find out why it’s not a good idea to run ecom offers on Taboola, in the US. <<

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