6WAMC Better Than Engineering Degree – From -$10k to +$10k Per Month

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6WAMC Better Than Engineering Degree – From -$10k to +$10k Per Month
6WAMC Better Than Engineering Degree – From -$10k to +$10k Per Month

Yeah, except the real Heisenberg would have been an affiliate marketer, not an engineer.

Honestly, at this point, is anyone even surprised?

These success stories are as common as someone buying their standard overpriced morning Tripple-Pineapple-Pumpkin-Carrot-Cucumber-Lettuce-Vegan-Gluten-Free coffee salad.

(I may have gone a bit too far but just picture I’m associating STM success stories with your morning coffee.)

Negative $10,000 to Positive $10,000 per month, consistently.

That’s $120k/year.

That’s $120k/year and you goofing about in your underpants all day, you lazy affiliate bastards.

In all seriousness, is this not so much better than a soul-crushing cubicle 9-5 job?

Why live an ordinary life when you can live an unordinary one, I ask?

The usual traits made it possible. Reiterated for over a thousand times now:
- Hardships
- Patience - Persistence
- Determination
- Grit
- Synonyms here

Thesaurus + insert synonyms gets tiring.

The message is all the same.

It’s painfully obvious as to what it takes to make AM work.

Proven too - we have these stories almost every other email, fellas.

It’s not easy. Obviously.

But, obviously, it all works out if you put in the work...after you’ve joined STM.

This guy sends his “best-est” regards to Mr. Zeno and the 6WAMC course for being a fantastic launch pad propelling him to his current ventures and numbers.

He says the 6WAMC has been better than an engineering degree.

All the way back in 2017.

That’s like 100 years in AM years.

Read this quote of his:

“Anyway, it took about a year for me to reach 10% profit on my campaigns, the main issues were:
1. Jumping from one vertical to another 2. Trying a lot of traffic source - Pops, FB, Snapchat, Push and Native 3. The Blackhole of Blackhat vs. Whitehat 4. Not being patient to optimize the campaign to green”

Currently? Getting 150% ROIs.

Also this:

Personal note to Amy: thanks a lot for being an amazing person.

@vortex (Amy) can now easily acquire an unlimited number of beers/margaritas or burgers from this guy.

For life.

Anywhom, Amy is an absolute workaholic and always goes out of her way to help anyone and everyone reach success. One of our most generous and kind STM hearts.

Such is the STM life.

We’re all one big caring family.

Since this is getting way too emotional for me just go and read the success story.

Zinedine Zidane’s here y’all

BEWARE: Wild Boars Now Invading Retail Stores

Mr. Wildboar, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a @wakeboarder, a.k.a. The Wildboard Liquidator and his army of vicious wild boars have successfully invaded multiple retails stores.

In multiple GEOs. (Minus Germany, they’re not happy, but everyone falls under wild boar rule eventually, there is no escaping it.)

More gold unleashed by the famous boar master in this nugget of a thread.

It’s how to essentially get your own eCom product out into physical stores – wild boar style.

Step by step too.

But you’d be surprised by the sneaky tricks he’s got in store. (pun intended)

Where exactly to find brands to reach out to and then scrape their emails and data by either hiring a dev or doing it yourself if you’re tech inclined.

Cold emails with a big sneaky twist that also nets them views of their most successful wild boar video.

Then a screenshot with stats showing how to land literal whales for clients.


Another sneaky personalization trick for cold emails. (As crazy as that sounds it’s actually super clever as you’ll see inside)

Tim has been killing it and he continues to shift gears.

He’s always happy to share what he’s learned on this fantastic, explosive journey.

And we’re even happier to learn and have our jaws drop every time.

Wild boar tricks in here

2-y/o Dropshipping FB Post Nets 2M Likes and All The Ladies Are Crying

Love was in the air with this one.

So were a few potential million dollars in yer bank accountz.

Or whoever ran this.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the quieter STMers.

As @athena put it:

This can net you so many benjamins if you add upsells and customer lists.

Who’s @athena?

Some of you may already know I'm part of a team that runs a dropshipping research software and thus have access to all of the raw data that runs through the backend.“

Now isn’t that just lovely.

*rubs hands *

I can hear you all drooling already.

One of the many benefits of STM is there are so many extremely useful individuals and companies aboard.

You just have to keep an eye out.

Check the product here and maybe send @athena a PM?

The End of Push is Nigh! Again.

Ah, we love these threads don’t we?

Insert fresh, brittle newbaroo.

Insert FUDDing. (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)

Insert shiny object syndrome.

And you get the perfect formula for newbie-induced panic.

This says he hasn’t yet taken the plunge and launched a campaign yet.

But he has checked out a bunch of courses.

And the What’s Working in 2019 Report.

He wonders whether push traffic would be a good idea right now.

Or whether he should also do that other thing.

Typically, @maynzie and @matuloo (our two famous veteran mods) jumped in the water to rescue a drowning newbie.

The rest is here

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