$656/Day to $0/Day to $Shopify/Day

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$656/Day to $0/Day to $Shopify/Day
$656/Day to $0/Day to $Shopify/Day

Tickle my yeet (new-age term, I’ve no idea what it means) and answer me this – how does one make these 4 work on TikTok?

  1. Youngun gen-Zs with the attention span of a goldfish and holes in their pockets

  2. Affiliate offers

  3. Ambition

  4. Making money out of said affiliate offers and goldfishies



Ye turn into @scottgilmour and bravely start a TikTok follow along.

No one has yet done it – this man is a true pioneer. An innovator.

Better keep an eye out, for TikTok may just become the new affiliate Zuckerbook, and it may just happen on STM first.

Look at these green babies:

Just 2 days earlier Mr. Scott boasted a massive $1.44 profit.

But how?

Inside ye’ll find out invaluable insights, which you get completely free thanks to @scottgilmour’s own money and sweat. Just like these:

  • TikTok’s not all about selling, you need to do the exact opposite or ye risk everything. See how to blend in and make TikTokers yell “HOW DO I BUY THIS NOW?!"

  • Bidcaps /w Accelerated delivery’s usually a bad idea elsewhere...not here

  • Why Scott lied when he said he’s focusing on Sweeps and ye get to see his Shopify trends and ads intelligence instead

And finally, the cherry on top:

Shopify babeh.

>> Scott doesn’t want competition, so STAY AWAY from this link wink wink <<


Last year we broke all records making money with dating products, and we couldn’t have done it without your support! This year we want to do the same thing! Break records and make money for all of us!

Want to join us? We showcase some of our best tips for dating media buying:

TIP: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome! --> The online marketing industry happens in real-time. Try to react quickly and adapt to the current situation. For instance, during lockdown it is worth to use ad copies focusing on the chat or video possibility in dating products.

TIP: Words have power --> Remember to localize your ad copies, use the correct language. Mistakes may discourage your audience to click on an ad. Proper translation is the key (if you run German campaigns, remember that ä, ö, ß, ü are your friends).

To benefit from the biggest infrastructure of dating-sites in Europe and Americas join us and grow your revenue with deals in over 50 GEOs (including USA, Brazil, Germany…)

>> Start making money here <<

1 second LP Translation in 50 languages

The Chosen One strikes again.

Lazy Neo, a.k.a. @twinaxe’s latest creation is now live:

Now you can translate 1 landing page to 50 languages in 1 second.

For real.

Born out of necessity (meaning laziness) The Chosen One wanted to find a way to test hundreds of campaigns and dozens of landing pages in different languages without ever lifting a pinky.

And so he did for only he has the power and will to do so.

@jaybot and @affpayingao already stole the script. Your turn.

>> Go grab it <<

Lil’ $49 Here ‘Lil $18.50 There and Boom - Ferrari

Well, well, well, would ye look at that?

@lilgator’s first green figures.

May your trackers be evergreen and Ferraris ever faster.

@lilgator gives a fellow frustrated newbie wise advice - go read it if ye don’t want to keep trying and crying to no avail.

>> Go give yer thanks right now <<

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