🪣+💰= $60,027 a Day - $800,452 in a Month

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$60,027 a Day - $800,452 in a Month

What this I hear?


Point yer eyeballs here:

See this?

That’s @thealimoon.

But it gets better.

This is all Clickbank.

Yeah–good old Click-bank.

$800,452 in a single month.

I’m about to shed a manly tear too:

“In April 2022, We accomplished our most significant revenue milestone yet, generating $800,452 in a single month. A huge shout out to the STM Forum for playing a major role in my success.”

Deep inside ye shall find the exact offers they’ve run too.

Yer most welcome.

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Lazy Neo Interviews AI Employees

Lazy Neo’s about to fire up Skynet 2.0.

Good luck boys.

“As I already told I am currently testing AI assistants for coding.

There are so many different plugins available for PyCharm that I wanted to find out which ones bring the best results.

Although several of the plugins are based on GPT-3 there are still differences that make some more attractive than others.

I tested these plugins for the comparison:

  • AI Coding Assistant
  • Amazon Codewhisperer
  • Ask Codi
  • Bito
  • ChatGPT
  • Code4Me
  • CodeGeeX
  • Codeium
  • Github Copilot
  • Tabnine

To get the same conditions for all of the AIs I just grabbed 14 different coding exercises from PYnative and let all of the plugins complete the exercises.”

There’s a bunch of code in there.

I dunno, see for yourself, it’s all Chinese to me.

But it seems our new AI friends have passed most of the tests successfully.

Does that me we can stop outsourcing landing pages?

Is Arnie coming to save us?

Ye be the judge.

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How Would a Newbie Test Multiple GEOs Without Breaking The Wallet?

Dear newbies,

How often have ye wondered this:

“But I want to test all the good geos.

Say there are 12. Do I treat that as 12 different campaigns in propellerads? Each campaign to a single geo? Each campaign to its own funnel in FF?”

I’ll say this.

It’d be unwise to swing yer cash at 12 GEOs right off the bat.

Especially if ye don’t have the experience.

That gut feeling.

The wisdom.

“This is an expensive test, and I believe it could work as written.”

What if your beliefs are wrong?

@larsometer sheds tons of light.

Take notes.

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