$6,200 in one day

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$6,200 In One Day

Revenue: $6235.48 Ad Spend: $2850

Inside this thread ye’ll find no more than a blurry screenshot, a big number, and a Clickbank screenshot.

Nothing else.


“Second affiliate offer I ever promoted.

Very happy. Hope to keep it rolling” - @bogdankosilovstm

Let me reiterate: that’s his second affiliate offer, ever.

Who is this mysterious affiliate?

How did he acquire such deadly media buying skills so quickly?

What offer was he pushing?

Why Clickbank?

How? When? Where?


Yer questions may get answered inside, or they may not.

Judging by how cold-blooded this dude is, we can’t be certain.

But try we must.

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Newbie Profits & Curses In The Name of Free Speech…And Relief

On the subject of free speech and Elons and Musks and various Tweets:

“What a ** relief.”* – @augustus, the profitable newbie in question.

There are now not one (hey @jaybot) but two official potty mouths on STM.

And that’s fine–yer free to express yerselves on STM.

Vent the red campaigns out.

Be yourself and share.

Here’s the good bit:

“My first foray into paid traffic for AM is the Smartlink tutorial. Thank you for that vortex (I'm running green after only a few days, only not in a scalable way. But I'm still green) My goal is to learn as much as I possibly can, and give back to this community as I grow in knowledge and experience…”

Allow me to go full-gen-Z and give ye the unthinkable–not one, but two emojis: 👍👍 (am I doing this right?)

Welcome aboard @augustus.

Now if every other lurking newbie were to show up that’d be great.

P.S. Let me puff our chests out real quick too with another quote: “First off, this place is a gold mine. Thank you to those responsible for it. The last time I was even close to this excited was when I discovered the old 2007-2011 era WickedFire threads”

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Purposefully Leaked TikTok Creatives

@stungads is “swimming in a pool of medium rare(red) juice beef”.

That’s a nod to his TikTok stats.

Here be some screenshots:

Blessed be his affiliate soul for being fully transparent.

“I want to make this a weekly progress/journal so I can keep myself accountable of launching campaigns daily.”

“I plan to be as transparent as possible with my results so 1) I can inspire those that are new to TikTok to take consistent action, 2) *Trying various creatives *and banging your head against the wall is also part of the process.”

The best-est part?

He has uploaded every single TikTok creative to Youtube, so that we can all learn.

P.S. Yours truly has heard whisper-say of a legendary mod about to jump in there and throw pro tips on these creatives. Ye may want to flick open this thread in a tab, and get that F5 button red hot.

Yer welcome.

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