💎 57% ROI on TikTok in 4 days

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57% ROI on TikTok in 4 days

Do we even need to discuss this?

These dudes and dudettes (they’re an affiliate network) ran some offers as a case study.

And boy did it work.

The details? Here, I’ve highlighted the most important parts:

Source: TikTok

Target: Male 35+

Geo: USA

Advertise period: 4 days

Spend: $3367


ROI: 57%

As for the juicy details?

These ye shall seek and ye shall find inside.

And be sure to ‘smash that like/subscribe/thank you’ button in there.

Or whatever the youngsters say nowadays.

Yer welcome.

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[SPONSORED] $1,708,356/mo Offer Revealed - and How to Run It Yourself

Before we reveal the offer, here are some juicy tidbits:

-Average payout = $112.50

-EPC $3.5-$5.0+

-Multi-geo offer (WW with exceptions) + broad audience = SCALABILITY!

-It’s on Clickbank so you’re approved to run

-Refund rate < 4%

The offer is GLUCOTRUST. Our top affiliate made $1,708,356 last month - here’s proof:

Check out the highest-converting VSL:

And the text sales page:

Below, you’ll find ALL the information you need to make bank with this product.

Traffic Sources:

YouTube, Google/Bing, Native, Social (such as FB)

Audience Targeting / Demographics:

-Both male AND female audiences - Men - 56%, Women - 44%, Age 45+

-People that: Want to lose weight; want to control their blood sugar (e.g. people with diabetes); have high cholesterol or high blood pressure; have erectile dysfunction

-Best geos: US - 86.24%, CA - 4.3%, AU - 3.1%, UK - 2.0%, NZ - 0.6%

-Best devices: iOS - 46.45%, Android - 22.3%, Windows - 20.58%, Mac - 10.67%

Angles and Creatives:

-Best angles: 1)Weight loss, 2)Control of Blood Sugar Levels

-Creatives: Since Glucotrust is a mature offer, you’ll find lots of ads and pre-landers in spy tools (such as Adplexity and

Bonus Materials can be found on this affiliate tools page:

Email swipes:

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Sensei Twinaxe In WIth a Guide: How to Run Financial Offers

He, @Twinaxe The Chosen One, hath spoken:

“This time I will show you how you can easily run financial offers.

And with you I really mean everyone of you.”


“It doesn´t matter if you are a beginner who´s just starting affiliate marketing … or if you´re an experienced affiliate …”

What does he mean by financial offers?

Loan and credit ones.

There’s this one ‘tiny’ thread–if ye flick open this link–where He, The One unveils a couple of ‘tiny’ six-digit numbers.

What’s so special about financial offers? Ye might add.


A lot of them are SOI/DOI lead gens.


Simple funnels.

It’s just nice.

What ye should do now is you go in there and you subscribe.

And ye wait, patiently.

Why? That’s why:

“In the next post I will show you a very easy way to start running financial offers so stay tuned.”

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Dusting Off A Shiny 2012 Gem: Scaling by Finding Traffic Sources

2012 called, it wants its ROIs back.

Amy just bumped this bad boy.

By a ye olde mod, @tijn.

But this thing still holds.

And it’s fascinating.

If ye want to learn how to find new traffic sources, the old affiliate dog way, this is yer chance.

And don’t forget to pay yer thanks-dues. For this is what built AM.

👉👉👉 Go Here For Your Shiny Old Gem Thread

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