💰 4-Figure Profits With $1 Avg. Payouts? 💳 Supreme Media Perks to Help You Make More Bank

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💰 4-Figure Profits With $1 Avg. Payouts? 💳 Supreme Media Perks to Help You Make More Bank
4-Figure Profits With $1 Avg. Payouts?

Who would’ve thought a low payout offer would ever work with expensive native traffic?

When can a $1 payout offer work on native and bring in 4-figure profits, completely automated and hands-off?

For real – you’d say “duh, never”.

But ye’d be oh-so-wrong.

Just see this quote from @platinum:

“One doesn't necessarily need to have a high payout offer in order to generate profits on Native - you can generate profits even with a payout ranging from $0.3 to $1.5 a conversion.

This monster-guide follows his previous guide on Running Search Feed Arbitrage Campaigns on Native – now he goes through the process of optimizing native to search feed campaigns.

Broken down in 4 main topics:

  • Finding potential good performing feeds/verticals

  • Building a solid tracking setup

  • Launching and optimizing the campaign

  • Results and Key Takeaways

Curious as to how this all works?


Because even @vortex was surprised, see below:

“And here you are showing us that payouts as low as $0.30 can work - mind officially blown!

With this method, we no longer need to spend 4-figures a day to optimize a native campaign (although we could!), because it takes so much less money to cut a section (or tweak its bid) than if we were promoting, say, a nutra offer with a $xx payout.” - @vortex

Nothing’s impossible in our digital haven.

>> See how this all works and start copying ASAP <<

[SPONSORED] Access the Best Crypto Offers With Supreme Media

Supreme Media has some perks to help you make more bank!

1) Check out the new “Members Only Page” with promos for our affiliates – check it out!

2) ATTENTION Ukraine Affiliates. Supreme Media is sponsoring Conversion Club in hosting a second Hookah Event in Kiev, Ukraine on March 5th. The first event had 150+ attendees. Enjoy free Hookah, drink, networking and meeting like-minded people. Sign Up Here

3) Brazil Big 3 Interview:

Archived footage of the never-seen-before Big 3 interview with Paul Jey, Omri Gal, and Shawn Michael. Discussed in the interview were:

-Thoughts on Afiliados Summer 2019


-The Emergance of Push

-R&D with new traffic sources

-Starting out and helping others

-Learning & Earning from other GEOs

-Data & Dedication, when starting out

-Rip 'n' Run

-Forum Etiquette

Ask your Supreme Media AM for the interview! Or Sign Up Here to become an affiliate!

4)Top Tips from Attila Odree on Running CRYPTO on PUSH:

1 - Ask your AM which geos work best on PUSH. Pick 3. Mix of tiers 1, 2, and 3.

2 – Spy to find proven creatives. Try the FAMOUS PERSON or SOB STORY angle.

3 – Look authoritative to increase Lead to FTD Ratios! If visitors see your website as utter crap with a weird looking domain they will run.

4 – Don’t run RON! Ask your rep for a whitelist that convert the best for crypto offers. Split each zone/target into its own campaign and split that further into Desktop / Mobile / Tablet.

5 – When you find a winning ad, scale by making variants. The lander doesn’t need much work. Focus on refreshing creatives.

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A List of 10,000 ClickFunnels Websites (+ more) – @plutus strikes again

From the desk of @plutus (a freelance applied magician):

“So, February is here...

...and I'm back.”

He’s unstoppable.

This time, it’s a “quickie”.

A list of 10,000 ClickFunnels websites.

Just like that.

“I first thought about limiting access to a certain number of people but screw it.” - @plutus

Better jump in and grab said list before he decides to “unscrew” it.

Oh, but wait, THERE’S MORE.

These same wicked wizardry spells have been applied to A List of 10,000+ Shopify Websites.

Thanks, @plutus – everyone on STM.

>> Grab the list of 10k CF sites here right now before it’s gone <<

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