ūüėú $3k in 1 Week - TikTok

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ūüėú $3k in 1 Week - TikTok
$3,180 in 7 Days - TikTok

Wisdom and lessons from our TikTok Gen Z younguns after making $3,180 in a week:

  • Creative is KING.¬†Don't even think 'bout running static background or slideshowy wizardies. "Shit won't work".

  • Yer creative testing campaign should always be updated with fresh creatives.¬†Got it?

  • They ran this one¬†unexpected campaign objective¬†expecting it to tank, only it did¬†60% ROI.¬†There's a downside to the objective, but it be worth it.

  • Our Gen Z STM kids say ye should¬†avoid Gen Z kids on TikTok¬†("absolutely trash"). Maybe if yer product is a¬†‚ú®qUirkY gEnZ‚ú®¬†product, then ye stand a chance.

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How To Conquer TikTok - Guide

Prominent member @cassshy has his toes dipped in every big game, TikTok included.

He posted a complete TikTok guide (screenshots and all) and ye must read it.

Here's what it has:

Guys this time I wanna share my experience on how to run ads with TikTok.\ Here's is what you gonna know:

  1. Offers that work

  2. Pixel setup, events

  3. Campaign setup, what type of links to use, manual bid, day parting

  4. Creatives, spy tool

  5. TikTok Issues - Rejected ads, appeals

Ye get to learn how TikTok's auction model works (it's based on their eCPM model) and who gets to win bids and how.

Campaign structures, general best practices, creatives, how to handle rejections, plus more. Way more.

>> Let The TikTokening Commence <<

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Success Story: 81$ in revenue with 61% ROI "I am here to share my new milestone of first >50$ revenue a day with green. It took me more time to reach this point but its ok. With constant stubbornness and persistence to make things work for me, I finally made it. Special thanks to all helping hands in this forum. I love Stm" -@abitaach -- STM loves you too.

Pro-tip: If ye wanna know how pro STMers manage their campaigns daily then do yerself a favour and see this thread.

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