$303,000/mo Rev on FB - BH Vader turns to WH light side

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$303,000/mo Rev on FB - BH Vader turns to WH light side

[SPONSORED] How to Build Profitable Campaigns Using 1 Tip: Target a Less-Competitive Geo

Hey affiliates! Listen up!

We at AdCombo have put together a complete package of EVERYTHING you need to run profitable campaigns!


-1 amazing geo

-The hottest offers with the best conversion rates

-The best traffic networks to run them at

-The best CREATIVES to use (we'll provide a download link at the end!)

Let’s start!

So What IS This Secret Geo?

[drumroll please...] It's...Thailand!

On many paid traffic networks, competition has risen, traffic costs have soared...

Thailand is a gem of a geo with great potential.

Competition is not as fierce and traffic is relatively cheap compared to many other geos (e.g. compared to the US, TH traffic costs 1/4 to 1/10th of the price, AND usually converts better too!)

Combine this traffic with offers that convert and you’re golden.

Best Offers to Run and Where to Run Them

To maximize profits you need scalability.

To achieve scalability you need offers that will interest the general population.

And Health & Beauty products fit that bill perfectly.

Below are our top 10 best-converting Thai COD offers - some of them are very recent. Test them ASAP before everyone jumps in to saturate the market!

Sign up here to access the offers now!

(P.S. We'll tell you which traffic networks other affiliates are running them on too!)

(P.P.S. We'll also give you the best prelanding -> landing combos on AdСombo, to save you money on split-testing!)

#1 - [15821] Black Latte

Type: Diet drink

Where to Run: FB, Native (MGID, AdNow, Outbrain), Push (DaoPush, PropellerAds, RichPush, AdsTerra, MegaPush)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [42036] -> [41753]

Why It's Great: Thai food is tasty and beach season there lasts forever!

#2 - [19766] Black Latte Zero

Category: Diet drink

Where to Run: FB, Native (MGID, AdNow, Outbrain), Push (DaoPush, PropellerAds, RichPush, AdsTerra, MegaPush)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [61436] -> [61438]

Why It's Great: [same as above]

#3 - [6466] Intoxic

Type: Bad breath treatment

Where to Run: FB, Native (MGID, AdNow, Adskeeper), Push (MGID, PropellerAds, DatsPush, DaoPush)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [22477] -> [11607]

Why It's Great: As high as 65% of Thai people may have bad breath (according to! Help them get rid of it!

#4 - [17783] Detoyic

Type: Parasite-removal

Where to Run: FB, Native, Push

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [49078] -> [49077]

Why It's Great: Bad breath can be the first sign that a person may have parasites! So run Intoxic to build an audience, then retarget and sell Detoyic - match made in heaven!

#5 - [11243] Smoke Out

Type: Stop smoking spray

Where to Run: FB, Push (AdsTerra), Native (Outbrain, Taboola, AdNow, RevContent)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [26056 -> 25496]

Why It's Great: Did you know that 35.8% of the Thai population smokes (according to It's bad for health, and smoking where it's prohibited can result in hefty fines and even jail terms!

#6 - [11924] Night Comfort

Type: Stop snoring spray

Where to Run: FB, Native (Outbrain, Taboola, MGID, AdNow,

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [31044 -> 27087]

Why It's Great: More than 1/4 of the Thai population are habitual snorers (according to! (Tip: Overweight and smoking can both contribute to snoring, so retarget those custom audiences from your weight loss and smoke-cessation campaigns!)

#7 - [17544] PUELLA Cup

Type: Menstrual cup

Where to Run: FB

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [49496 -> 51013]

Why It's Great: White-hat ecommerce product that doesn't require cloaking to run! (Tip: Target women under 50 y/o, before menopause begins) This cup lasts 5 years and more than pays for itself in the amount of tampons/pads saved.

#8 - [1303] Goji Cream

Type: Revitalizing cream

Where to Run: FB, Native (MGID, Taboola, AdNow)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [47593 -> 42643]

Why It's Great: Removes wrinkles and moisturizes skin at the same time - the answer to all women's prayers!

#9 - [18311] Tiny Mask

Type: Face mask

Where to Run: FB, Native (Taboola)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [51075 -> 51080]

Why It's Great: Helps women look younger, and who wouldn't want that? There's half of the entire population for you to scale to!

#10 - [6146] Atlant Gel

Type: Male enhancement gel

Where to Run: Native (Adskeeper), Adult (Exoclick)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [38058 -> 19071]

Why It's Great: The average size of Thai men is only 4 inches (according to! Think of the scalability!

Sign up here to access these offers now!

Show Me the Money!

Salivating yet? If not, these juicy payouts may just get you there - and we've increased them further to help you scale more easily!

Still not convinced? These stats may help:

-Approval rates are 50-60%!

-100% of the leads you send are processed promptly. We now have one more call centre to handle the call volumes, which means better approval rates for you!

Before you go - Download Our Gift!

As promised, we’ve downloaded some ads and landers from Adplexity to help you run these offers! Here’s the download link:

(Disclaimer: Creatives we show may not be accepted by all traffic sources - please find out

what each traffic source will and won't allow!)

In addition, AdCombo provides landers that are hosted on our servers, ready to handle your traffic. You can access them in your affiliate interface after signing up to AdCombo (by clicking here).

Big shoutout to Adplexity for sponsoring the landers!

That’s all we have for you today! Soon there will be even more special offers for Thailand and other Asian destinations - so Stay Tuned!

$303,000/mo Rev on FB - BH Vader turns to WH light side

What’s the sound Darth Vader makes when he’s breathing?


(Unironically, @casshy’s avatar on STM is Yoda. @casshy = OP in question going to the light side of the force)

But anywhomz, @cassshy’s making $303,000/mo revenue on Facebook running whitehat, clean Jedi-level lead-gen stuff after being all nice and affectionate towards BH stuff.

How about dem apples?

“I would like to tell you about my journey and how I managed to jump from BH Facebook traffic to WH leadgen. I used to run BH traffic a lot since the beginning of 2017 and run it on pretty big volumes.”

You know the game, it’s rough but ROIs are high - 200-600%.

You run stuff, the Zucc slaps you across the face.

You step to the side...and so on.

“Then Facebook started to sweep all the farmed accounts, I know this for sure cause I used to lost hundreds of them on a weekly basis.”

“So I decided to try WH.”

“... leadgen offers for EN speaking GEOs. I am working exclusively and only with direct advertisers. So, networks, do not even try to beat my current payouts.“

Here are a few glorious Vader screenshots:

August (meh)

September (oh yeah, now we’re talkin’. $140k rev)

October (the good stuff)

Oh btw, @cassshy said he’s getting a “Poor Ad Experience” - issue promptly solved by a quick link out from our very own @stickupkid explaining how to fix these.

If anything you might wanna jump in there just for that one tip.

Also this thread’s turning into a morphling - OP decided to post regular his success story.

Talk about gold.

Darth Vader’s whitehat journey’s over ‘ere - Subscribe

[Continued] @sushiparlor’s unicorn riding skills net $XXX/day

Deep breath.

If you remember Mr. @sushiparlor’s struggles (e.g. $30,000 revenue and $0 profit/breakeven), frustration with trackers, white hairs, et cetera.

Hold your chair’s handles tightly with your greedy affiliate hands for this is the shortest STM news piece ever:

“Have managed to "push my way out of breakeven" and making low $xxx/day at this point (have done it for most of this month now so doesn't seem like a fluke).”



Well done mate.

What led to this? Primarily having a teammate, but not only.

For one, he didn’t give up.

For two, ye’ll have to see for yerself inside the thread.

He even crafted the read more link, what a top guy this lad:

>>“PS. I'll probably share tips/case study at a later date of how I managed to be profitable, am just waiting for stats to come in.”<<

Voluum DSP Review Done 100% Honestly

He made some benjamins:

And can be summarised as a “happy customer”.

Here’s a pinch of pros and cons below:


-My manager is great to work with. She goes through my campaigns and gives lots of good suggestions

-The platform works great with Voluum tracker, and events are not counted to my plan

-CPM bidding makes it a lot easier to evaluate ads, as they each get about the same volume.


-the lack of cpc bidding requires a little more monitoring of ad performance

-Voluum overall seems very technical to me. I would not be comfortable setting things up if I hadn't done native before

>>Go ye here for the rest of the pros/cons<<

72% ROI on iPhone the US

Traffic sources: ComeAds, PropellerAds

Affiliate network: ExpertMobi

Offer: [WAP+WEB] Get iPhone 11 / US

Flow: User signs up with their email > Conversion (Soi)


Campaign period: 16.09.19 — 21.09.19

Cost: $1056

Total revenue: $1815

Profit: $759

ROI: ~72%

Listen fellas, the numbers may not be super impressive here.

What matters is the approach.

And oh boy is it detailed.

This case study’s done by Expertmobi and usually you wouldn’t expect something strikingly in-depth by a network...but this one’s an exception.

  • Landers
  • Offers

  • Screenshots & juicy stats

  • Moolah
  • Details – juicy, delicious, value-dripping details.

This is how you onboard new affiliates to your networks people.

If anything, there’s a super creative bot crushing strategy you may wanna get yer affiliate hands on, yesterday.

>>Praise be ExpertMobi - grab your case study here<<

FB Adbreaks Made $XX,XXX off 1 Video

Aside from account bans the Zucc lands offer truly endless opportunities.

This guy, for example, got accepted to their AdBreaks program and was essentially able to arbitrage FB ads “spending $150-$350 a week while making $200-$300 a day.”

One of his vids did 25 million views in a month.

“July 28th - Aug 4th RPM - $1.90

Aug 5th - Aug 11th RPM - $1.83

Aug 12th - Aug 18th RPM - $1.45

Aug 19th - Aug 25th RPM - $1.61”

>>How long do you think this lasted? Click here<<

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