$3000/week Profit on FB

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$3000/Week Running Pin App Installs on FB

Listen fellas, if there’s a will there’s a way with The Zuck.

Bans be damned, you can run certain offers somewhat freely.

App installs.

Pin submit app installs, to be more precise.

Let me throw some stats at ye:

Vertical: pin-submits
Source: Facebook
Dates: 27.02 - 05.03
Spend: $3 227,5
Income: $6 159,21
Geo: SA, KW, EG, ZA
ROI: 91%

Oh, and ye might wanna read through “the fine details”:

Ah yes, and there’s a thing called ‘unicalizing software’–without it, this won’t work.

See inside.

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[Sponsored] Where Are the Highest-Converting Sweepstakes Offers?

ZeyDoo has sweepstakes offers that are converting like CRAZY! 🔥

Below are some tips to help you make bank with these offers!

The Best Funnel Flow:

👉🏻 Pop or Push Traffic 👉🏻 Prelander 👉🏻 Offer

Highest Conversion Flow:

👉🏻 Onclick to Prelander. Expect conversion rates of 0.05 to 1.41% (depending on the prelander).

Best Prelanders:

We recommend to test all of the standard designs: Spinning wheel, short survey, and gift boxes.

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The ZeyDoo CPA network has offers from the largest direct advertisers. Some stats:

🔹 1200 offers

🔹 15 million conversions per day

🔹 25,000+ active partners

🔹 8 years in arbitration

Main verticals are: Finance, sweepstakes, mobile content, smart offers, utilities and many others.

In addition, ZeyDoo is:

  • The best Financial Partner network according to Affbank Awards 2021

  • First in the list of "Top 10 Best Affiliate Networks" according to the Peak AffLIFT Award 2021

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Roaring TikTok Creative Pro-Tips

There’s one word on the affiliate streets – ’TikTok’

TikTok’s buzzing and brimming with affiliates.

It’s hawt.

But it’s racist.

And static images, pointy arrows, stock photos and a pro looking creative are a no-bueno. (examples inside, of course)

Don’t make yer creatvies ad-like.

That’s what @stungads’ been testing.

And that above over there is what Big ScottyG said not to do.

>> TikTok Made Him Do It, so you don’t have to <<

Big ScottyG Slams Shut A Newbie’s Big Dreams

A slap is a slap.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a newbie’s dreams get crushed, this is yer chance.

Here’s one such dream - “Lemme spend $300 on this here offer and I’ll turn that into $3mil in no time babeh. Ez Lambo.”

How much dollarydoos do ye think ye need to throw at ecom offers before ye get these angles green?

$300? Slap.

$500? Slap.

One thousand? Slap.


Try $X,XXX to $X,XXX (oddly specific). And a total of, like, $30k testing high-ticket angles.

For one offer.

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Fresh Affiliate Blood – Go Say Hi

A warm welcome to the lands of STM for the freshest batch of affiliate-afficionados.

Let’s go get these brand-spanking-new STMers out of the shadows and into the red-and-black depths of STM.

@extwealth1 @zch2022 @cosmicray
@dubmill @vairon
@fragesper1 @7010050 @adfirm_admin
@seanjh @anacona @amir13128
@nickalaus @brybesquad

May yer servers work tirelessly.

May yer offers convert like wildfire.

May yer landers get dem clicks.

May yer campaigns be evergreen.


>> Go Say ‘Welcome’, Now <<

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