🏩 30.7% ROI USA Dating

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30.7% ROI Usa Dating Case Study

Blessed be the @cupcake’s campaigns…and generosity.

Un-fortunately, yours truly can’t share juicy details.

For this is juicy dating, if ye catch my drift.

Hide yo kids, hide yo nuns, and flick open this thread on yer smallest screen.

Lemme show you some of the good stuff:

  • Geo: USA. As I’ve already mentioned some time ago, when testing a new offer, I always choose USA.

  • Affiliate network: Wink wink.

  • Platform: ExoClick – one of my favorite adnetwork with a great list of sources and strong manager support.

  • AdFormat: header 300x100 – in my opinion, one of the best ad format with the potentially highest CTR.

  • Time period: May 06-18, 2022

  • Offer: Nice try, newsletter spies.

Total spends: $ 1 031.98 Revenue: $1 348.80 ROI: 30.7%

👉👉👉 Take The Plunge Now

PopUnders are among the most popular and highly converting ad formats used by affiliates. ​ And now, popunders have become even more attractive with a new bidding model from RollerAds - SMART CPM.

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How SMART CPM works

1- Choose the Smart CPM pricing model while creating an Onclick campaign.

2- Set up the maximum bid you are ready to pay.

3- The system will calculate the final rate based on the minimum price for your target GEO/Device combination and the top CPM that is running in that target at the moment.

4- You will automatically overbid existing CPM in your set limits.

Why should you choose SMART CPM?

1.- Reduce the cost of your Ad campaigns. If the thousand impressions can be bought cheaper, the Smart CPM system will take care of this.

2- Increase your ROI or even change it from negative to positive. Earn more.

With Smart CPM you have the possibility to purchase the same number of impressions at a better price without losing even a single conversion. Popunders have never been this efficient, every affiliate should try it!


TikTok Search Ads, TikTok SEO & STM Mod Surprise

Recall the good old days of Adwords & SEO?

Same thing’s cooking up now.

But on TikTok.

Search ads are launching soon for all TikTok ad accounts.

Many options for TikTok SEO services, TikTok camps and TikTok tools.

Add TikTok.

But the sweetest part?

One ye olde STM moderator’s back from the far reaches of the interwebz.

He joined back in Feb 2011.


👉👉👉 See For Yourself

First Conversion In A Few Hours

‘Fore ye start wiping prideful tears, here:

“I'm so pleased to say I got my first conversion on my first proper campaign today running desktop on push. I had heard how rare it is to get a conversion on the first day and wasn't too hopeful to get one, especially since it's a decent payout of $28. I followed vortex's pop guide and twinaxe's push guide and combined elements of both.”


An old affiliate dog’s not allowed to chop onions?

Piss off.

It is indeed rare to get a conversion on yer first day.

Especially so a $28 conversion.

Yet here we are–wiping our manly testosterone ‘tears’.

👉👉👉Go Give Yer Thanks Here

The Finest STM Has to Offer

Ladies & gentlemen,

May I have yer attention, please?

Amy’s been hard at work curating literally the best threads on STM.

Both recent threads like these:

From 0 to $10M Exit

How To Conquer TikTok - Completed Guide

400% ROI doing CC Submits Sweepstakes on REELS- Jump while it's HOT HOT HOT

[Secret Tips] 6-Figures/Day with Casino Offers

$22k Day

And evergreen threads, like these:

CHEATSHEET: DO's and DONT's of Push Traffic

zero to 20k/day within 3 months of starting affiliate marketing

The Mistake that Many Smart People Make

Create At Least 21 New Angles For Any Offer In Under An Hour

These are just barely the tip of the iceberg, my friend.

Click dem links above and dig in.

Yer welcome.

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