$2XX/Day Profit Consistently - @fastaj Delivers 💰 Zeydoo’s Secret to Profitability

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$2XX/Day Profit Consistently - @fastaj Delivers 💰 Zeydoo’s Secret to Profitability
$2XX/Day Profit Consistently - @fastaj Delivers

@fastaj was given an ultimatum:

Hit $XXX/day in 10 days before the STM Newsletter Curse strikes.

(campaigns die when mentioned in the newsletter, or at least that’s the superstition.

Not only did he deliver, but he over-delivered and did so consistently with over $200+/day profits!

You have to have massive determination, dedication and persistence.

And you need to read all of @twinaxe’s posts at least 10 times.

Just as @fastaj did: “I pretty much read all your posts about push, case studies and your guide about push about 7-10 times each. I'm not kidding, I read it over and over the past 2 months since I started this FA.“

Will the STM newsletter curse strike down his profits?

>> Stay tuned! <<

Zeydoo’s Secret to Profitability

🔥 This exclusive financial offer will literally blow your mind 🔥

Are you ready to dive into the world of high conversions and wealth? Then this offer is for you!

Finance survey at Zeydoo – 1203

Vertical: Finance | CPL

Rate: $0.02 – 0.8

❗️CR = 3-7% (Popunder & Push Notifications)

❗️CR = 10% (Email & FB)

More benefits of Fin Survey offer:

💰 Really simple questionnaire. You just need to answer a few questions, there’s no need to leave your email address

💰 Perfect deal for you if you earn on 1click or push subscribe offers as well as if you know where to buy large volumes of cheap traffic with high CR

💰 Any advertising format is available. The only restrictions: incent and fraud

💰 Offer has very easy conversion flow

💡 A little hint

Push, pop and email are the best sources which show a decent quality. For better performance target solvent users, 18+

Reminder! Rates range from $0.02 – $0.8 for different GEOs

>> Check out the offer <<

BTW, Zeydoo is a CPA-network with hand-picked profitable offers, 1 million conversions daily and 5000+ active partners. Powered by PropellerAds advertising platform, Zeydoo provides you with the top converting offers from first-class direct advertisers. The main verticals are leadgen, push subscriptions, extensions, utilities, sweepstakes, dating, finance, games, crypto and others. Everyone is able to find something profitable that fits perfectly with your experience and interests! Just start working with Zeydoo and enjoy the profit!

Have some questions about other offers and hot verticals? Stay tuned and join our Telegram chat!

How to Hire VAs The Right Way

Just a quick thread on how STMers hire VAs.

@John Jonas reveals a sneaky trick he uses to screen the VAs BEFORE the screening process even begins.

@jeremie uses something similar to filter through at least 50% of the applicants too (plus 2 more ways to additionally narrow down your choices. One is to simply ask for a Linkedin link, if there isn’t one, simple remove the applicants. The second one is too good to reveal publicly.)

@twinaxe reveals some surprising results – even some of his best candidates failed his initial screening tests.

Plus there’s one more link to a piece regarding Noah Kagan (AppSumo’s founder) that goes in great depth on how you should go about hiring “rockstars”.

>> Super cool thread, go check it <<

@Jaybot’s Monthly Win - $14,815 Revenue

If it kisses you back, you go for the throat.” - @jaybot

Jaybot’s monthly update is monstrous:

$4075 Green for the month. Definitely a record there. That averages out to XXX/d for every day of the month. I think.

That revenue tho. $14,815 holy shit! Preeeeetty sure that's a record.

That cost tho. $10,740 geez. Don't tell my wife”**

Go see what money he lost testing and why:

And also to find out what this screenshot is:

>> Go see how Jaybot continues crushing it <<

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