🏦 $26,100/mo Revenue – @jaybot’s Best Month 💪 Native Ads Going Strong on TwinRed!

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🏦 $26,100/mo Revenue – @jaybot’s Best Month 💪 Native Ads Going Strong on TwinRed!
🏦 $26,100/mo Revenue – @jaybot’s Best Month 

@jaybot just hit his best month thus far – $26,100 revenue of which $8545 is clean profit.

What did it take?

26 million visits to his server (still humming along soundly).

He ran about 135 offers total, or 4-5 a day.

201 total campaigns. 55 push and the rest pops.

Split between 125 landers.

7 CPA networks.

5 Traffic sources.

All it took is these 2 simple words:

  1. Persistence. He kept on testing and launching campaigns.

  2. Determination. Did not give up – if anything he tested harder. Updated his follow along religiously.

With these numbers, is anyone even surprised by @jaybot’s success?

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[SPONSORED] Native Ads Going Strong on TwinRed!

Adult Ad Network TwinRed launched their brand-new native ads technology just before Christmas. Thanks to TwinReds innovative “compete” mode, which allows publishers to rotate TwinReds native widget or regular banner ads within one ad spot, depending on the revenue generated, there is plenty of inventory available.

Here a selection of brand-new TwinRed native ad-spots:

Imagebam .com | Category Rank: 26

Imgbox .com | Category Rank: 199

Drtuber .com | Category Rank: 112 3movs .com | Category Rank: 165

Xfatazy .com | Category Rank: 74

Top geos across all the sites are US, DE, UK, FR, AT, CA and IT.

And we got more exciting news for you! Pornhub Popunders are available now! Start setting up your campaigns for the most popular adult site in the world.

Sign up at TwinRed now and speak to your personal account manager about the best tips & tricks for the new native format and other formats such as popunders, video pre-rolls, banners, interstitials and push notifications to achieve your desired ROI!

Redirect Links on Facebook? @zeno from FunnelFlux Pro Debunks Myths

@mcstacks posted a nice thread recently to discuss whether you should use redirect links on Facebook or not.

Many mods and experts jumped in to clarify things.

@stickupkid explains why your lander domain should 100% match your ad account domain.

@vortex explains why the degree of leniency can change and why all bans are not equal.

@jeremie as usual covers some technical wizardies.

@nickpeplow explains why redirects are a “NO” for him.

@twinaxe shows what a lander pixel is.

Additionally, see why it’s absolutely false that Facebook does not allow redirect links at all.

Finally, @Zeno from FunnelFlux Pro delivers what is possibly the clearest explanation in regards to using redirects on Facebook...ever.

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Secret Outbrain Email for STM Members

Inside @iwanttofly’s native follow-along you’ll find this exclusive Outbrain email for STM members. (check @vortex’s latest post in the thread for the correct email)

You can use this to automatically get directed to an Outbrain rep, no matter what your ad spend is.

Go see @iwantofly’s native progress so far and keep an eye out for this follow-along.

He’s got some of STM’s best native experts (@platinum, @jack_l to name a few), on deck spewing secrets on how to best run campaigns on Outbrain.

>> Go follow @iwantofly + grab the exclusive Outbrain email <<

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