$250/day -> $500/day Ex Newbie Popping Dem Pops @ 71% ROI

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$250/day -> $500/day Ex Newbie Popping Dem Pops @ 71% ROI

$250/day -> $500/day Ex Newbie Popping Dem Pops @ 71% ROI

Basically, this thread was posted, like, last month 12-17-2019 (by our resident ex-newbie @jaybot), and it turns out it was $500/day, not $250/day in revenue.

That’s about $15,000 in spinning around each month.

Chump change?

I think not.

His latest $500/day update got posted on 18-01-2020, here’s the same screenshot:

Mind you _this is pops_.

After the doom and gloom and scary Chrome updates and the slow decline, it seems pops are still alive and kicking.

They are for the ones who put in the work.

Simple as that.

P.S. One more “ex newbie” reported snagging $1k/days with Sweeps on FB too.

Go ye here and see how it’s done...then go straight back to yer campaigns

Step-by-Step FB Strategy for Gambling Apps - Revealed

Gambling apps are very lucrative - if you know how to promote them successfully!

At Leadbit we got you covered. Here’s a simple, tried and tested, step-by-step Facebook strategy for you to use to rake in those conversions!

Step 1 – Perform initial testing, targeting broad:

a) Men, Age 22-60
b) All placements
c) Autobid

Step 2 – Collect and analyze data to identify the following:

a) Age ranges with best cost per download
b) Placements with best cost per download
c) Cities with best cost per download

Step 3 - Exclude people that downloaded the app, but didn’t do anything else (such as making their first deposit, or even open the app)..

Now that you have a game plan, here’s the best-converting gambling app to apply it to! Introducing...

Geos: DE, CZ, SK, CA, AU, CH, NL
Payout: Up to 120$

Another really hot offer we have, which is a private offer, is this one:

RED DOG CASINO (Private Offer) Geos: AU, US
Payout: $170 on First Deposit
Conversion Rate: 15-30%

If you’re a beginner wanting to run offers with lower payouts and sky-rocketing conversion rates, this would be perfect for you!

Payout: $4 per lead

You can’t afford NOT to run with Leadbit - here are some reasons:

● Our own gambling apps
● High payouts
● Weekly payments
● CPA tools (e.g. tracking systems, spy-services)
● Leadbit Store with cool prizes

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Yoda Unpaused the Camps and Storming Towards $500,000 Revenue Month

Lemme refresh yer memories real quick.

This is_ @cassshy_, our fellow Sith turned Jedai STM-dwelling affiliate with his (slightly ironic) Yoda avatar.

From the darkest corners of the force, he went over to running clean, whitehat lead gen stuff on FB last year.

He’s killing it, of course.


The meat of this thread is in regards to end-of-year hair-raising CPMs.

Quote: “My CPM went up to $50-$70. Which is insane. Some STM members showed me their CPM stats of >$100. So I had to decrease my volumes to hundreds of dollars. I was frustrated cause it was my first year running WH leadgen and I didn’t know whether it would back to normal from Jan 2020. “

This normal. It’s not OK but it’s normal.

STM end-of-year pro tip to dodge high CPMs:

  • Decrease campaign budgets or pause altogether.

  • Book flight to an exotic island (recommending El Nido in PH)

  • Chillax during November & December.

  • Problem _solved_.

Quote 2: “I re-activated my campaigns on Jan, 2nd. CPM became $10-$17, max $23, CPC $0,30-$0,80 as before.

And all is well again.

See @cassshy’s original approach/thread here – $303,000/month revenue

He says not much has changed with his approach so far, _minus the following_:

  • New angles with narrow audiences

  • Optimization changes (FB handles optimization way better nowadays)

  • The old scaling ways don’t chug along any longer. Duplicating gets you 2x the CPAs. @cassshy does it differently, see the thread.

Plus one cute trick / additional tip that solves every FB affiliate’s biggest nightmares...rather painlessly.

See how the big boys hit big numbers + bonus lessons along the way, go here!

How to (Gently) Slap your Unresponsive AM’s Wrists (Without Him Even Noticing)

One of our boys doing $5k-$7k/week with a big network stumbled upon an _unresponsive AM_.

The previous one, he says, felt a sudden urge to leave it all behind _and travel the world.

So he got a new AM.

(One not to keen on replying quickly.)

It’s not like our guy’s super pushy or anything:

“Id say requests wise Im probably average/below average in inquiries, it's not like Im constantly bothering this AM for stuff. “

And yet it takes his new AM days to respond.

Days in the affiliate world are like months.

Days mean the difference between a winning and a losing campaign.

How do you deal with unresponsive AMs, then?

The advice in this thread is unanimous.

In a nutshell:

A) It’s super common to stumble upon nothing but crickets with a new AM.

B) You should _not be scared to ask for a new AM_, this is OK.

However, while all this is a common occurrence, you ought to do it the right way.

Mess this up and you risk losing access to a great network, great offers and possibly great profits.

And a broken relationship.

Key takeaway?

You should always be polite, professional and upfront.

Main key takeaway? I.e. the actual process?

Take a look inside and take yer steps carefully.

It’s all about that gentle, unnoticed wrist-slap that always gets things moving.

See here exactly how to approach your network when you want to get rid of your current AM (pay attention)...go ye here

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