Spicy $22k Day

Who would’ve thunk we’d still be seeing these same old 1990s Clickbank screenshots?

When are these dudes going to do a redesign?


This mysterious STMer from the last newsletter, @bogdankosilovstm, look at what he’s done now:

“Still running my second ever offer…”

Then all we get is another screenshot:

That’s it.

Scroll down the page and ye get a glimpse of a post of what this guy’s really up to.

Yer welcome.

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Still not convinced? Here are even more reasons to choose MGID:

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[Case Study] Optimise Sweep Smartlinks & Push From -17% to +50% ROI

Mind ye this case study’s written by an aff network.

Nonetheless, many push nuggets to be discovered inside.

Here’s the gist of it:

  • One unpopular push traffic source
  • A cheeky way to optimise Smartlinks
  • An even cheekier way to optimise yer creatives…by optimising yer Smartlinks
  • There’s one free push spy tool (at least for now)
  • 4 campaigns plus 8 creatives each, plus targeting
  • More, way more

Basically, ye want to check this out if ye wanna learn how to optimise yer push smartlinks.

And, most importantly, get them to profit.

Yer welcome.

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TikTok -> JumbleBerry -> Binom

Are you as allergic to technical mumbo-jumbo jargon as I am?

Do ye have no clue how to set up TikTok to track alongside JumbleBerry and Binom?

Do ye not want to waste two weeks settings this up, as @stungads did?


Ye’ll find this to yer liking then:

“Hi guys,

Has anyone successfully integrated this via the events API?

I have a dev working on it but he seems as confused as I am.

The documentation provided by JumbleBerry isn't really helping either.

Appreciate any help in this regard.”

Here’s what ye must do first.

Engage yer scroll-wheel and down the page ye’ll see a post by @stungads.

A big post.

A super big post.

First, ye hit the thanks button as hard as ye can.

Then ye setup yer TikTok tracking easy peasy, following @stungads’ longass bomb of a post.

Thanks to pina colladas, arrows, screenshots and bolded text -- people allergic to tech stuff can now setup their TikTok tracking correctly.

P.S. Should ye want to avoid or not care about trackers whatsoever…there be links for that too inside.

All hail @stungads.

Yer welcome.

>> Fix Yer TikTok Tracking Here <<

Stop Showing Your Own Face in Tiktok Ads!

When the word ‘human’ sends shivers down yer spine…

Ye hire ‘the robots’ to do yer bidding (meaning: do yer TikTok creatives).

@vortex doesn’t want ye to show yer face to Gen Z (TikTok).

Instead, inside this thread’s the best way to do some quick-and-dirty campaign testing, before outsourcing ads.

These AIs are formal, so they won’t blend in with TikTok much.

But for quick angle testing? This is da bomb.

But wait, there’s more.

What if ye wanted to avoid any resemblance of human beings altogether?

Amy made a talking robot-cat, observe: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o5ku3y0ho4vtow2/Video%202022-05-10%2C%2011%2025%2052%20AM.mp4?dl=0

No, yer not trippin’.

@jeremie’s Chilean lama’s now ready to begin a flashing Youtube career.

Enjoy yer newest digital workers and may they get high TikTok CTRs.

Yer welcome, again.

>> Link For Human Robots <<

>> Link For Animal Robots <<

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