🧟 $22,804.19 With Zombie Pops

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🧟 $22,804.19 With Zombie Pops
Zombie Pops & a Magic Neo Recipe = $22,284.19

Buckle up buckaroo.

@larsometer's got a wild case study for us, common affiliate peasants.

$22,284.19 case study, to be exact.

For Lazy Neo Himself's wicked ways have converted this man to try and run his famous guide.

As per the man: »Lars, I would love to read your case study on this once the offer has cooled off. People need to see how great low payout offers can work.«

Key Takeaways from The Lazy Neo himself:

  • Basically a copy/paste campaign from a guide on the forum

  • Offer payout as low as $0.024 per conversion

  • Up to $200 spend per hour

  • Pops are NOT dead What ye seek ye shall find inside:

Step I: Preparation (& Doubt) @Lars believed this to be a long shot. But jump in he did and start he did.

Step II: Made it work But it wasn't easy. Push showed no luck. Pops, however, did. Zone-cutting and nerve-grinding and all he saw was green. Look:

Step III: The Rise of Magic Only one man (Lazy Neo) knows these ways of magic. For the rest of us, @lars included, it is the impossible. This black-o-magic offer worked for an entirely different vertical and traffic. How? See inside.

Step IV: Scale or Die $214.13 later and 38.47% ROI -- ye must see for yerself inside.

Step V: Pushing it to the limit. @larsometer's zombie transformation begins. The cause? $500/day and waking up every 55 minutes.

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[SPONSORED] One Tip to Increase Your ROI by 35%

If you're using pre-landers in your affiliate campaigns, here's a tip that can increase your ROI by up to 35%.

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The secret? Add a ProPush Smart Tag to your pre-landers!

✔️ How does it work?

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If the visitor chooses to subscribe, you can earn money from propush.

No matter whether the visitor subscribes or not, they will proceed to go through your pre-lander like they normally would.

This way, you make extra money WITHOUT affecting the conversion rate of your main offer!

Follow these 2 steps to increase your income quickly and easily:

👉 Step 1) Paste Smart Tag into your pre-lander

👉 Step 2) Send traffic to the pre-lander as usual

And that's it! On top of getting conversions to your affiliate offer, you'll be making extra profits on the push-subscriptions!

👉 Set up your ProPush Smart tag now

Here's an example of what an extra 35% ROI can look like: Say your campaign is making $1000/day right now. Add the Smart Tag from ProPush, and you could be making up to $1350/day - that's $350 more for the same traffic without doing any extra work!

And this works for ANY vertical you may be working with!

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Spent $400k on Outbrain Last Month But Now It Ain't Workin'

@cpa_rapha spent $400k on Oubrain last month. Mostly in Ze Germany.

But performance took a hit.

CPCs bumped up.

New creatives refuse to help.

CVRs decreased.

Auto-bid campaigns.

What's happening, then? Why does this not work?

Q4 sky-high CPCs? Offer burn out?

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$13,604 Profit on Revcontent

All we can do is clap, marvel and give thanks:


Profit: $13,604

Was hoping to hit $15k for the month, but had some really weird stuff happen with Revcontent (traffic going to zero on certain campaigns, another campaign where the bids changed without me doing anything)

Honestly, I did not do a lot of work last month. It was hard, but I learned I could step away for a bit and just let profitable campaigns do their thing (plus I am in the middle of a bathroom remodel that is taking up lots of my time and energy)"

wipes prideful tear

Oh, and go see what the one catalyst for @sd31677's success was, ye'd be surprised.

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