🤑 $21,366.002 Net Profit In 14 Days

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🤑 $21,366.002 Net Profit In 14 Days

Hey 2023,

Us affiliates are immune to words like ‘recession’.

In fact, we’re highly allergic.

Observe thy stats:

Cost: $53,136.079

Revenue: $74,502.08

Net: $21,366.002

ROI: 40.20%

@cpablitz has blitzed through native lands.

Inside ye shall find his entire journey.


Red stats.


Insights and secrets from native legends like @jack_l and @jaybot.

And numbers.

Big ones.

Yer welcome.

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🆕 Super Affiliate Plans & Schemes For 2023

As per Lazy Neo Himself, @twinaxe asks:

“What are your plans for 2023?

Do you want to continue what you're doing, are you planning to start something new or is it something completely different?

I also thought a little bit about such things and I guess I'll try to work alot on automation stuff in 2023.

Happy new year everyone”

Big things stirring.

More conferences.

More leadgen.

More tools.

More product launches.

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Listen 2023, 2022’s Knocking on Yer Door

What’s the easiest way one can make money with 0 effort?

Lemme slap a quote:

“I know its slow time now but there IS still opportunity now to be making money. Most affiliates take off until the new year but I decided to turn on an old campaign of mine that performed well at the beginning of this month just to see... and it was profitable.”

That’s right.

Old but gold.

Yer old campaigns–take a real close peek.

Then hit the tiny play arrow.

Ye’d be surprised.

30-40% ROI at 5-10k spend per day

Yer welcome.

P.S. I’ll throw ye a screenshot bone…

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