[2019 Contest] Snag $500 For Free From

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[2019 Contest] Snag $500 For Free From
[STM-Exclusive Contest] Snag $500 For Free From

This just in!

Tighten those shoelaces.

Pull them pants up. (or put them on...affiliates being “professional” in their underwear is not an uncommon sight)

Take a deep breath.

Suck that belly in.

...Sit down, open your laptop, login to pop open a cold one and start a push campaign.

Might as well grab some nachos because the moment you launch that camp you’re gonna get $500 for free / back.

Megapush just announced their marathon contest.

Total budget: $10,000


  • Each participant will pick an affiliate program and an offer of their choice.

  • After the participant has tested the offer thoroughly, s/he is to make a post in the forum section "Megapush Contest 2019" to document the process and results.

Piece of cake. (In short you just have to describe your entire lazy affiliate thought process behind your campaign and why you think it worked or didn’t. Doesn’t matter if your ROI’s negative or positive).

Starting date: 01/10/2019

Easy money if ye ask me.

It’s a minty-fresh of a thread this one and there haven’t yet been any posts so Megapush’s budget is still intact...but not for long.

According to my calculations there should be about 20 spots total if you all spend $500 each.

Better go in and check the thread for a few extra (but crucial) details ASAP and then go and launch your campaign.

(And no, this is not a collaboration between STM and Megapush, they just like throwing free money at STMers. But who doesn’t? You’re welcome.)

>> Free $500 in here <<

Grab Your Tissues - A Newbie Just Hit Rock-Bottom

Right in the feels this one.

If you’re not me you might even shed a tear.

This guy has had it rough.

2 years of failed ventures:

  • I got leads from Google ads for family business
  • Promoting products on warrior plus
  • Build 2 ecom stores
  • Build an online agency
  • Build a mentoring business

He then went to the US to try his luck.

He’s been there for 4 months and in his hands he’s holding a ticket back to Israel he bought with his last dollars.

“I feel so lost, I've never been so broke.”

“No business in my hand to work with.”

“I see people that are successful here in this forum, Lately I'm just thinking, maybe I don't have what it takes…”

Do you sense it?

The tear running down your cheek.

Those are tough words to swallow.


A glimpse of hope.

And then another one.

And another one.

@pekadis, @vortex plus other members jumped in with some massive posts that are not only going to tear you up but you’re gonna be crying louder than a teenage girl going through a breakup with “the love of her life”.

Double up on those tissues because you’re in for a treat.

(I honestly really don’t wanna spoil this, you have to see all the replies for yourself).

Here’s one of OP’s responses to spice up your interest:


I never expected to see so much support! Thank you guys ! you are amazing,
You've lifted my spirit!

I've read every answer you posted, like 3-4 time! Lol :]”

>> 😭😭😭 <<

[Case Study] CBO vs Non-CBO or Mr. White vs Jesse

@FaceOnAsia, our latest great facebook expert mod addition has decided to generously share a CBO experiment / case study.

All for the sake of gently pleasing your greedy STM eyeballs.

Casually spending $1000/day for this test, because why not?

“Idea/Hypothesis: I want to test out how ad delivery pattern of a campaign under CBO is different from non-CBO”

CBO vs ABO (campaign budget optimization vs ad set budget optimization, for the newbies)

The experiment?

“A.$1000 daily budget CBO campaign with 4 ad sets each has similar size of audience

B. 4 single ad set campaigns with $250 daily budget each and contain identical ad sets like in A. Basically separate A's 4 ad sets into 4 campaigns.

Other settings are identical and I also use 2 brand new pages and 2 accounts to minimize the bias. I am running an offer in finance.”

The results based on 1 month performance?




To say the least.

CBO’s more stable but it actually didn’t bring as much profit as non-CBO.

The ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ and juicy details are inside as usual.

>> Witness the results here <<

A Wise Man Once Said...Your Ecom Biz is Living on Borrowed Time

The wise man in question is @pekadis, our resident ecom expert.

He’s on a spree with these posts he promised us.

Deliver he does and he does it so quickly and effectively.

“As I mentioned in my last post, you need to make small bets to find a winner.

And when you find one, you maximise the returns on your bet by really going for it.

What sometimes happens is that when people gain some traction, or find a succesful way of doing things, they all of a sudden think they have a moat. Which makes them think no one can pass. That they are safe.

You can have a competitive advantage of course, but the question is how long can it be sustainable.“

“Example: buying in China and selling in Europe / US

This is still common and is still a successful way of doing business. But it is getting harder. Because being able to access a market by putting up a website is no longer enough in the era of marketplaces”

“So what can you do?

You need to take a wide approach. Which is looking at:

  • your direct business - the site

  • your overall business - the structure of your companies

  • your life - the financial structure for yourself“

You can fill in the details in your mind by jumping in.

This is a must-read for most ecom people nowadays.

>> Juicy details in here <<

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