💵 $2,385 Profit @ 98% ROI “Just Testing Revcontent’s Updates” 💰 Make Passive Income From Lifetime Commissions

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💵 $2,385 Profit @ 98% ROI “Just Testing Revcontent’s Updates” 💰 Make Passive Income From Lifetime Commissions
💵 $2,385 Profit @ 98% ROI “Just Testing Revcontent’s Updates”

A while back @jack_l (a now veteran STMer) banged his fist on the keyboard.

Fed up with Revcontent’s faster than Cardi B can whisper “KARHANAVIRHUSSS” near-constant updates, this brave man took action.

Lemme quote:

“So as those of us who follow native ads know, Revcontent has made a lot of changes in the last 6 -9 months.

First, they got rid of their “official” whitelist feature…

Then they got rid of tons of their “low quality” publishers (which was a good thing certainly)…

Then they got rid of their “Brand” targeting

Then- last week- they got rid of “Topic” targeting as well… meaning the only choices are now “Native”, “Push”, or “Adblock”… whereas before within the Native category you could choose “Health and Fitness”, “Conservative News”, “Liberal News”, etc…”

And so he set off to seek answers.


‘Ere ye go:

(mega-yuge paste)

Average Value Per Conversion: Approximately 44$ (it depends what % of expected returns are factored in) – this is actually higher than the figure of 40$ I have been using as an estimate on the daily tracking, so that is good.


Total Spent So Far: $5200.41

Total Revenue: $7,128.00$ (actually slighter higher but again, factoring in expected returns)

Profit: $1,927.59

Profit Margin: 37%


Total Spend Of “Whitelist Widgets”: $2,412.13

Total Revenue Of “Whitelist Widgets”: Approximately 4800$

Profit: Approximately 2,385$

Profit Margin: Approximately 98%


Total Spend Of Run Of Network Widgets: $2,788.48$

Total Revenue Of Run Of Network Widgets: Approximately 2300$.

Profit: Approximately -390$

Profit Margin: Approximately -17.5%

Case in point?

It still works, but:

It’s not the results, it’s the revelations, son. (all the way to page 2)


P.S. Jack’s using The Optimizer (who are also resident STMers), and they joined and threw in even more prophecies ye wouldn’t even get out of their CEO.

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@jaybot Closes April @ $1095 Green

“Now, I know what you're thinkin'. How the hell does a 52-year-old, over-the-hill milkshake machine salesman... build a fast-food empire with 16,000 restaurants, in 50 states, in 5 foreign countries... with annual revenue of in the neighbourhood of $700,000,000.00…”

First off, go watch “The Founder” – see how Ray Kroc jumped in, bought off the McDonalds franchise from Richard and Maurice Mcdonald and then scaled the shit out of it.

It’s a fascinating story ye must watch - might as well grab a Big Mac and a massive Coke to further amplify the movie’s effect.

A famous movie quote says:

“Persistence and determination alone are all-powerful.”

(Youtube video)

My point being?

@jaybot’s thread title is “Follow AlongThe Most Boring FA Thread You Will Ever Read... Guaranteed!”

Then ye click in and ye see 16 pages of endless, persistent updates.

Then on the 16th page, ye see this:

And then ye see this:

I rest my case.

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Secrets of Super High Volume Affiliates

Date stamp of this thread: 02-09-2012 07:18 AM

2012 feels as if it was yesterday but also millennia ago.

This thread has been resurrected recently and it got me thinkin.

“every time i re-read this thread i get an epiphany. 10/10 would read again. think bigger, simpler, and faster”

“Stay Hungry-

Don't be afraid to trade NET$ for SCALE. One thing that really helped increase profit for me in the past, was actually focusing less on target profit goals. I set goals on spend and scale instead of NET.”

“The secret to real wealth is creating an asset which is worth a MULTIPLE of the earnings it generates.“

These “secrets”, despite the rapidly shifting affiliate industry, aren’t secret.

At all.

They’re principles.

Evergreen principles.

>> Go ye here and read this 8-year-old thread for it is critical STM gold <<

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