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[AdWorld] $1MM TikTok Ads Masterclass

Your eyeballs ain’t tricking you, that’s a Vimeo video screenshot from an AdWorld video.

An AdWorld video posted on STM.

For free.

This is its title: TikTok Ads Masterclass: Strategies & Frameworks From $1M Ad Spend (Kris Sugatan)

Yer welcome.


Keep an eyeball centred on STM’s Treasure Chest.

You’ll see Ad World speeches and other invaluable goodies up in there.

This speech’s going to get yer TikTok brain purring, trust me:

– The targeting ye must stick to if you want consistent, scalable campaigns – Why ye want to get away from the learning phase ASAP (in 7 days) – How to test & scale quickly – Why vertical scaling works best – Why you want to be careful with horizontal scaling and why it doesn’t work after a certain point – A clever way to avoid creative rejections – The budget benchmark where your scaling game changes entirely – Priceless ad creation golden tips –Tons more

Are these bullet points enough for ye?

>> Watch The Speech Here <<

[NETWORKS] How to Email 72k Affiliates?

Are you an affiliate network or traffic network, looking to serve more affiliates?

I've got the perfect opportunity for you!

We at STM have a mailing list of 72k affiliates (and growing)

We provide value to our list by sending them 2 weekly newsletters:

1)The STM Newsletter - the one you're reading right now! Back issues are here:

2)The MRKTRS Newsletter - back issues are here:

These are high-quality newsletters that get READ (you are proof of this)!

Open up ANY back issue of any newsletter above, and you will see the "[SPONSORED]" section.

This is where YOUR network or service will be featured!

What you'll get as a sponsor:

-Your message in front of 72k+ affiliates!

-Multiple links to your website.

-Have an STM moderator with 16+ years of marketing experience, to rewrite/edit/polish your content for best results!

>> Interested? Email Amy/Vortex For More Information! <<

Run Campaigns With @Vortex, Every Day

If ye wanna see how STM veterans grind & get ** done, now’s yer chance.

Amy’s been setting up daily Zoom meetings.

STMers been joinin’.

Campaigns getting launched.

Creatives being made.

Dig around and keep another eyeball out for @vortex’s threads.

>> See Here <<

Stock Up On Yer TikTok Tips

Here’s a newbie TikTok FA to sub to.

Man’s looking to tame the TikTok beast.

Despite his wallet’s attemps to stop him, he’s going through:

“Today I am starting an extremely boring tiktok follow along. My wallet asked some reasonable questions about why I should do that, but I never listened.

So here I am I have gathered a lot of useful info from you guys while reading the forum. Thank you. Special thanks to @ScottyG, his posts are beyond helpful. I was able to compile a Word file divided into various sections with questions and answers. This kind of (hopefully) clarified something to me.”

Get in there and arm yerself with invaluable tips and cut yer learning curve in at least half.

Hopefully, yer spend too.

Inside ye’ll find pro-tips from the lord of TikTok himself – @scottyG.

Other deadly affiliates shed light on what to do and what not to do.

Accounts. Budgets. Testing. Objectives. Actors. AIs.

>> Follow Along This Follow Along Here <<

Is AM Possible With A Full-Time Job?

Short answer, yes.

Of course.

People have done it and shall continue to do it.

The question is, how rough has the journey been for various STM legends.


Are you as curious as @pwllgogoch?

The long answers ye shall seek inside.

>> Go Here Now <<

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