$1M from Affiliate Marketing in 2mo - after giving up on it! Plus 2017's new bot crop

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$1M from Affiliate Marketing in 2mo - after giving up on it! Plus 2017's new bot crop
After giving up on AM we just made $1MM of Profit in 53 days!

"Fast forward after AWE we hit 500k profit in July and also just passed the 500k profit for August. In total this is 1MM profit in just 53 days!"

Case Study: I analysed bot traffic with the latest security techniques. Here's what I found.

"What started out as a "let's write a better bot blocker" project turned into more of an open-ended investigation into the kind of bot traffic we see on popular traffic sources. What's the code behind fraudulent traffic? How sophisticated is it? And how can you detect or block it? "

The hottest, most profitable campaigns in affiliate marketing right now Aug 2017

"Lately, I've been doing a lot of research, spying (manual and tools), networking to find the best campaigns, products and general schemes in affiliate marketing right now. I've been doing this for my own selfish reasons, but i thought i would share some of the results with the forum. "

Follow Along Making Native Ads Work in 2017 - Man vs Machine

An update on the Man Vs Machine follow-along - interesting stuff!

AWE 2017 - Mobidea interviews industry experts - manu_adefy

"We chatted with Emanuel Cinca, who's known on STM as Manu_adefy. He truly believes there's lots of room for new affiliates to make it rain and he's always here, ready to help us out, providing amazing value with his insightful comments, along with the STM Moderators Team!"

How much budget do I need to start here?

"Here's how we usually do a feasibility estimate and come up with a budget. Let's say the NUTRA offer pays you $15 (ie a COD offer at ADCOMBO)... "

Remove device information from LP

How to solve some tricky LP editing problems including language.

Tracking Productivity/habits

"I always wanted to track the habits and stuffs that I do, and I've tried some android apps but they weren't enough for what I wanted - basically to track numerically. "

Aliexpress drop ship negotiation

Top tips on what to negotiate with your dropshipping suppliers.

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