$1k/Day in 5 Weeks Quarantine Corona-Profits by a Pianist

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$1k/Day in 5 Weeks Quarantine Corona-Profits by a Pianist

$1k/Day Quarantine Corona Profits by a Pianist

Do ye hear the delightful melodies of sale notifications gently rubbing yer ears?

No better sound to hear during times of beer, pizza, chips, staring at the wall and talking to yerself (occasionally).

STM’s greatest affiliate pianist has claimed his first 4-figure-moolah-in-da-bank day, son.

All thanks to the quarantine.

Don’t believe me? Then quoting Mr. Piano himself:

“Actually it's the Corona situation that helped me switch to another vertical! This shift resulted in a 4 fig a Day profit

2 weeks ago he was flashing around his 25 dollarydoos profit .


2 weeks later and now he’s got…calculates super fast... 40 times the profit.

Some say the affiliate pianist’s piano keys are actually made of dollar bills.

Case in point:

1) Now is the opportune moment to focus on yer campaigns. This quarantine is a blessing in disguise.

2) STM’s solid-as-steel follow along success rates.

Go give yer thanks and maybe, just maybe, do what he did.

>> For massive drooling, go ye here. Also, give the pianist your thanks and encouragement <<

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(NSFV) Wild Boars Mauling Innocent Youtube Ads

They know.

My gawd, they know.

NSFV - Not Safe For Vegetarians/Vegans, ye have been warned.

The hyper-intelligent wild boars have sensed our ongoing quarantine and have begun to viciously attack and tear apart innocent Youtube ads.

Mr. Lord of the boars, a.k.a. Mr. Wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a. Mr. One of STM’s Best Follow Alongs Ever and his gang of rabid wild boars are back with a follow along.


“Long story short ... because of the COVID-19 we are expecting huge drop from this segment (offline retailers) so I decided to switch focused back to online sales.”

Why YouTube?

  1. I don't want to rely just on Facebook. Never.

  2. I have tons on highly-engaging wild boar hunting videos.

  3. When I crack it, I will use the knowledge to scale personalized products from the Scaleship project.”

He’s already got 1, 1 minute video with about 100 quick orders already killing it on FB. Time to put it to the test on Youtubez.

The good stuff:

  • In-market targeting

  • Cold, warm targeting

  • Custom intent

  • Detailed stats, consistent (and frequent updates)

  • Screenshots

  • Everything in between, as expected by the lord of the boars.

But most of all:

Insights ye won’t find anywhere else on the wild webz.

Like, for example:

How to maximize your chances of bringing in moolah ASAP with cold traffic (i.e. how to cut corners and grab insights before you even throw money at Uncle Google dancing on the pole)

>> Go ye here, subscribe to the thread, and pray the wild boars don’t come after you <<

Tips on Dealing with the Covid-19 Situation and Beyond

Basically, this is an absolute monster-massive of a thread, and basically, you have to go thank Amy ASAP.

Seriously, it’s so huge (and so great) that I wouldn’t want to spoil a single word, minus a few:


  • Keepin’ yer biz afloat during these trying times includes: more audiences in yer back yard, clever-er angles, more pre-selling, yer own brand, yer own traffic and...there are too many to list.

  • Niches most likely to survive (plus how to dominate them)

  • How to not be like yours truly (pizzas, chips and beer), but actually thrive during quarantine with healthy, sane and productive tips.


A snowball effect is in order - other members have jumped in with their own massive posts on what to do and how to navigate these rough recent waters.

P.S. Plus, yet another uber-sneaky way to ensure your ads stay profitable even with heavily declining CPAs thanks to Mr. Lord of the Boars.

>> Thank me later, then come back and tell me if you’ve been able to find better reading anywhere on the interwebz than on STM...just click here and go read this thread <<

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