🤑 $1k+/day 👀 Find 500+ Exclusive Direct Offers

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🤑 $1k+/day 👀 Find 500+ Exclusive Direct Offers
🤑 $1k+/day & Scaling

@fastaj has been crushing it:

Quote: “I'm currently doing like 1K per day rev, I increase it by like $100 every 2-3 days steadily as a explore new traffic sources but ROI has gone down from like 70% to 35-40% but it seems to be relatively stable now as I scale.”

What got him here?

A great offer, coupled with exclusivity. @fastaj is the primary affiliate for this offer.

He’s even asking around for this offer to be completely private and exclusive, eliminating competition entirely.

Another quote: “I'm also testing some more offers, I will never stop testing since I now know there is a lot more potential in AM than I ever thought would be possible. Seriously this offer is good but not even great, the great ones must be like $100K a day

Hold your breath for a sec – all this has been done while @fastaj’s still working a fulltime job.

“Scale, work and breathe” is all he does.

>> “I'm more confident I can scale to 4/5K per day”... see here <<

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$103.35/day Profit by @ranrev

@ranrev posted an update recently hitting his first **$100/day profit.

Notice how many questions he asks with each and every post.

Digging deeper and deeper.

His latest questions got covered by @vortex here.

Why drastic behaviour swings in zones tend to happen.

Should you use a universal BL vs a specific country BL.

When and how to cut zones.

How to use Monetizer and is $100 ad spend per day enough to generate you some income.

>> Go give @ranrev a sub to his thread and read carefully if you’re a newbie <<

The Gary Halbert Letters Organised in Chronological Order

@plutus strikes yet again!

His January 2021 contribution puts all of Gary Halbeter’s letters in chronological order. Because Gary’s site is an absolute mess.

Plutus found the correct order on a Wayback Machine site and put together all the correct titles.

P.S. @plutus’ February 2021 contribution is going to be a Facebook Marketing API application that will help you* look up interests *(+more) without having to setup any access tokens manually.

Head out to @plutus’ profile and follow the man.

>> Go see Gary’s list here (+ there’s a massive 200MB PDF with all the letters packed together <<

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