🌴192.41% ROI - 1 Camp, 1 GEO, 1 Offer, ZERO Effort 0️⃣ Covid–19: Pay ZERO Taxes in 2020

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🌴192.41% ROI - 1 Camp, 1 GEO, 1 Offer, ZERO Effort 0️⃣ Covid–19: Pay ZERO Taxes in 2020

192.41% ROI - 1 Camp, 1 GEO, 1 Offer, ZERO Effort

Isn’t life that much better when yer making money out of thin air?

But first, lemme clear things up real quick ‘fore we get into Jaybot’s follow along.

On behalf of @jaybot:

“Shut up.”

Could he have made ‘mo dollarydoos had he not tested other things?

Of course.

Could he have made even more had he scaled?


I mean, even Lazy Neo himself chimed in:

But then look at this:

That’s “One camp, one geo, one offer, zero effort

And “zero effort” has a mighty fine ring to it, no?

That’s like what, $100~ out of the blue?

I’d take it.

So would you.

As for scalin’, _who knows_, man?

Maybe @jaybot’s’a’brewin’ a little something-something?

Stick one eyeball out for updates.

>> Shut up and go sub to jaybot’s follow along...and give the man a thanks <<

[SPONSORED] Covid–19: Pay ZERO Taxes in 2020

Has covid-19 affected your business? What if we told you there’s a solution that will:

-Allow you to pay ZERO taxes

-100% legally and set up REMOTELY from your home

-Free up business capital

-Reduce paperwork to free up your time

Digitas Finance is the only tax consultancy firm in the world that exclusively serves digital marketers. This is what they can do for you:

Step 1 – Set up a tax-free corporate structure for your business, in an affiliate tax-friendly jurisdiction, REMOTELY from your home.

Step 2 – Set up bank accounts and debit/credit cards for you.

Step 3 - You enjoy tax-free business profits!

Bonus: Depending on your situation, you may also enjoy tax-free salary and dividends withdrawal.

Here are actual case studies of recent clients...

Case 1: Beginner Affiliate Marketer, Irish National

Before-Tax Profits = $87k

Take-Home Profits = $10K (only 12%; the rest went to taxes)

With Help From Digitas: 0% corporate tax and 0% personal tax

Case 2: Advanced eCommerce Marketer, UK National Digital Nomad

Before-Tax Profits = $1.4 million

Take home Profits = $450K (only 32%; the rest went to taxes)

With Help From Digitas: 0% corporate tax and 0% personal tax

Clients include the Affiliate World Conferences, the STM Forum, and many more.

Exclusive Offer for STM Members:

Fully remote setup with bank account, debit/credit cards for just USD $7,999/yr.

Contact Digitas Finance today for a free, no-obligation consultation on how much you can save in 2020 and beyond! >> Click Here to Pay Zero Tax <<

Ain’t Spending Other People’s Millions ‘No ‘Mo

Ye know, running an agency ain’t half bad.

Look at Don Draper – alpha as fudge.

Makes ya wanna light one up afresh, aye? (maybe don’t)


Living the agency lifestyle, while low risk and low ROI, gets ye to learn the ins and outs of any particular niche/vertical/industry.

Also, it’s scalable.

But in a sense, spending other people’s benjamins sheds a _layer of tummy butterflies_.

I’m talking about the butterflies ye get when you have to spend your own hard-earned gold purse.

Especially at first.

But then comes a time where ye realise that monthly retainer + 5-10% of ad spend is pennies compared to what you can bring in STM-style.

Case in point:

This guy’s coming over from the agency “lyfe” and wants to dip his toes into the land of plenty (AM):

“I just finished running a multi ad platform (FB, IG, Search, display, YT, etc) ad agency where ran ads for business who sold courses, lead gen-email submits and ecom for other businesses. Now it's my turn to reap the rewards. I am pretty new to this AM stuff. No flex here. Just honest, what to learn and help share.”

“Can you help me create a focus path?”

What do ye think happened?

P.S. OP has quite the extensive experience, plus many paths to take.

Stuff gets interesting.

>> Agency lyfe no’ mo’ go ye here to see OP’s chosen path of affiliate bliss <<

Taboola, You’ve Been a Bad Boy – Ads Under-delivering

Taboola’s off the chain and ain’t hearin’ no one.

Smartbids be damned.

Thread context:

“I'm running some Taboola's SmartBid campaign and I'm struggling with this issue very often. Even in large geos such as US I can't spend more than a few hundred dollars per day.”

Spoiler alert:

It’s OP’s fault for Taboola’s under-delivery.

Even better:

Revealed inside are the inner-schemes of intricate SmartBidding techniques.

In other words, ye better jump in and see how the pros do it before ye start pulling yer hairs.

Protip: High bids need not make you pee yer pants.

>> Juicy details inside, as per usual <<

-49.80% ROI – Put the Gun Point-Blank to This Camp’s Head?

Would you kill this camp?

$-1,391.67 in the red.

-49.80% ROI swirling down the drain.

Campaign Details:

Traffic: MGID

Product: Energy Saver

Network: AdCombo

Type: C.O.D.

Payout: $23

Tracker: BeMob

Duration: 90 Days +/-

What do ye think?

Queue native legends storming in, such as:

- Legendary @matuloo himself

- Notorious @jack_l

The results?

Screw the results.

As per usual, the thread took a sharp turn.

It’s not about putting a gun to this camp’s forehead.

At all.

At this point, it’s entirely besides the point whether to kill it or not.

Typically, the juiciest bits are inside.

But here’s a taste:

Ye should never be too granular with yer camps...

>> Here’s why <<

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