$180,000/month by Senpai @Jaybot

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$180,000/Month Revenue – Senpai @Jaybot Strikes Again

STM’s very own campaign senpai pulls off the impossible.

I swear, this Jaybot-san is STM’s version of Musashi Miamoto (FYI go read The Book of Five Rings right now, and no, there are no affiliate links you suspicious bastards).

But ‘fore we do anything rash, stats.

Let that jaw hit the floor:

Push subs:


$150k spend.

$181k revenue.

$31k green for the month.


But never mind these numbers.

Inside this here thread lies Senpai @Jaybot’s true gold.

Counter-intuitive lessons abound: like increasing bids when yer losing money.

A boxing analogy.


An STM bag.

Plus, an Olympic-size motivational booster by The Senpai himself.


>> Bow Before The @Jaybot Here <<

[SPONSORED] Case Study: $70,848 Profit with Crypto in Brazil

  • Traffic source: MGID
  • Partner: Aivix
  • Money earned: $189,390.00
  • Money spent: $118,541.59
  • Profit: $70,848.41
  • ROI: 60%
  • GEO: BR

I wanted to share my experience with crypto offers — my failures and my successes — and what I learned by advertising them.

In the beginning, I didn’t know the first thing about how to send traffic to crypto offers. That all changed when I bought a regular spy service for native advertising.

With this tool, I took inspiration from the many pre-landing pages and creatives I found there.

At that time, Aivix had just launched in Brazil, and I decided to test it out. Right away, I realized the converting fire of driving traffic to crypto offers — it is super profitable!

The payment for Brazil was $300 per deposit at first, and gradually the rate increased to $325. In the end, we agreed on a rate of…[Read more]

>> Download the Full Case Study Here <<

The full case study reveals Aw:

  • The EXACT ADS used to produce profits
  • The 6 headline text variations used
  • Screenshots of the BEST-CONVERTING pre-landers!
  • A list of green MGID sites/placements that made 4 to 5-figure revenues - EACH!
  • OS’s that didn’t convert (that you can exclude from your targeting)
  • The best categories to target on MGID
  • More screenshots of tracker stats

And more!

>> Download the Full Case Study Here <<

STM-Style Anti-Anxiety Lessons

@onlinehustler’s got an e-book about anxiety.

And he wants to sell it…on-line.

He’s got a striking red line lander.

A burning desire to cure people’s anxiety–while pocketing countless dollarydoos doing so.

And a banned Google ad account a few hours later…

Will STMer’s be able to provide apt advice?

>> Ye Be The Judge, Here <<

The TikTok Craze, Continued

Here be a few TikTok threads up yer alley.

While yer all trying to sort this brand-spanking new beast out.

Remember this one from last week? Yesn’t? It’s got some developments. Or maybe ye missed it.

Agency accounts.

Top affiliate networks to roll with.

Things NOT to ever do with yer ads.

And way more.

Follow-along: TikTok Challenges … Here’s a follow-along to keep an eye on. FYI the guy said we should go easy on him, since he’s new.

Go thank @vortex, right now: Complete List of Tiktok Targeting Categories( (Interests & Behaviors)

“For those of us running on Tiktok and targeting by interests or behaviors, it can be annoying having to click open all the different categories to see what options are available.

I had all the categories compiled into an excel file for easy reference - thought I'd also share it here in case it helps some of you.”

Follow-along: TikTok Made Me Do It – @stungads hath joineth the TikTok game. Plus @ianfernando throws in a bit of juicy advice.

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