💵 $15k in 2 Months – Whitehat Leadgen 📑 The Absolute Guide to Advertising in MENA

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💵 $15k in 2 Months – Whitehat Leadgen  📑 The Absolute Guide to Advertising in MENA
💵 $15k in 2 Months – Whitehat Leadgen

@convertingteam just posted a super detailed Facebook case study.

STM vendors take notes – great content that provides real value to us STMers gets rewarded.

They ran whitehat bankrupcy leadgen offers in the US.

Here are the numbers:

“We managed to get to around 30% ROI or 1.3 ROAS, which is acceptable for us. After a month of testing and a month running optimised ads, we were able to make $15k profit.”

Offer conversion rate: 21%

Lander CTR: 40%+

Inside you’ll find their exact ads, ad copies, images, landers and advertorials used.

Alongside you get to see optimization screenshots like these, showing how they managed to improve the ROIs gradually:

>> Go grab this case study and start running some whitehat leadgen <<

[SPONSORED] Flex Your Ads – MENA Style

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to belly dance!

Belly what?... 😳

Ermmmm… Uhhh… Flex! 💪

When in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, you might want to flex your abs – advertising wise. And that’s exactly what you’ll do, once you download our guide. Although belly dancing can be a very effective way to build core muscle, we’ve got an even better treat for you.

>> Read all about MENA’s Audiences, Stats, and Creatives <<

Do it now and discover what’s the right way to:

  • Adapt your message in sub-regions

  • Hit the spot with consumer preferences

  • Perform in terms of GEOs and Verticals

  • Choose the best payment method

  • Win at targeting methods and creatives

Clearly, that’s not it! This PDF is full of goodies for you. And once you read it, you’ll find out what it means to approach this beautiful, rich, and prosperous region. But most importantly, you’ll know exactly what to avoid, and how to stay out of troubles.

So hit the button 👇 and get ready to Flex your Ads!

>> FREE PDF Download

@larsometer Hits $470.74 in 1 Day

@larsometer posted lovely stats in his follow along just recently:

$470 Revenue

$176.51 Cost

$294.10 Profit

166.62% ROI

In just 1 day.

“Yesterday I had two reasons to shed some tears; pure happiness and a huge relief.” - @larsometer

Here’s a valuable lesson from the man himself:

“I know that this was an extraordinary day. BUT... this day showed me and let me feel what is possible for me in the AM world. Compared to me beginner's successes this result was not just pure luck. It is rather that I improved my skills to catch the luck which is around me more systematically.” - @larsometer

If that doesn’t sum up affiliate marketing and business in general I don’t know what will. Opportunity meets preparation.

Additionally, go in there and see @twinaxe give solid advice to @larsometer on exactly how to scale his 3 most profitable campaigns even further.

>> Go here and watch another STM pro in the making <<

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