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158,237 Conversions ($279,786.28 Revenue)

The lengths Lazy Neo’s prepared to jump…all in the name of no-hard-work.

Maybe he’s got some bugs in there.

Maybe he’s just better than the rest of us.

Maybe, he’s a magnitude lazier than most.

But I’ll let ‘the facts’ speak for themselves:

Clicks: 8,357,494

Conversions: 158,237

Cost: $220,137.51

Revenue: $279,786.28

Profit: $59,648.57

Ye’d think–’running this many campaigns is impossible for any normal human being’.

But ye’d be dead wrong, fwiend.

Here, I’ll throw ye a bone:

“...98% of the traffic is Classic Push…I run most of the campaigns direct linked…


I still run the campaigns myself

Yer welcome.

👉👉 The Rest is In Here, Go Now

The Legend of The Influencer

Behold! A wall of text by STM’s Legend Himself–@matuloo.

These aren’t yer usual paid traffic wizardries.


This is about content.

And influencing.


A subject unusual to STM, but mui intriguing nonetheless.

It’s called content marketing.

Matej can take punches, and he does not give up.

He wants to be an influencer.

A cooking influencer.

Hot juicy stakes & stats to be found inside.

In fact, take a peek:

Then look at dem numbers:

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6-Figures/day With 55 Media Buyers**

No, yer eyeballs ain’t deceiving you.

Six figures, 55 media buyers.

That’s Zorbas Media.

You’ve seen their epic-quality interviews.

Now you get to see the inner-workings of their deadly affiliate skills.

@vortex picks the brains of Nick Titan–team lead of ZM Team.

Inside this interview ye’ll find:

– What it takes to find a good network to work with.

– What percentage of offers remain in their campaigns after testing (and how many they test)

– The best countries to test in.

– I bet yet haven’t heard of the traffic source they’re using.

– Deadly angles, sneaky tricks, tactics and strategies ye’ve neve heard of.

Yer welcome.

👉👉👉 Read The Interview Here

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