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$15,255 Per Day @ 38%ROI

From the diary of a real STM affiliate marketer…

Day 70 Week 10

“Good Morning my dear diary, despite all my troubles with Facebook - every new week is better than the previous one.”

Spent on Facebook ads: 8300$

Revenue: 14600$

Profit: 6200$ (ROI: 75%)

I’ll throw in a screenshot.


Day 77 week 11

Good evening my dear diary, unfortunately this week has been worse than the last.

Spent on Facebook ads: 11 700$

Revenue: 14 445$

Profit: 2744$ (ROI: 23%)

“My daily spend is higher now, on average 1.7k$/day, but ROI is very low compared to previous week. My facebook ads always live in "learning" state that's why every day I see very different results in sales.
To pass a learning state in 7 days I have to create adset with more than 750$/day budged, which I don't think is a good idea.

I few things I want to try to improve my ROI this week - add comments to my ads, from different accounts, this can lower my CPM and add trust to my funnels. - Finally fix CAPI and improve facebook pixel event matching to 10/10 score.”

It’s the ups-and-downs that get most.

Not @bobelyukr, tho.

Day 84 week 12

“Good evening my dear diary, 3 months I'm writing this follow-along. I started to feel that I'm no longer "a dude that trying something new" I'm becoming an affiliate, my mind always thinks about my funnels and their optimizations, about new geos, new offers. I reload the tracker with the same frequency as my Instagram feed. In my dreams I see this screenshot of 10k/day in profit. I'm still working full-time as a software engineer but mentally I'm not there.

Spent on Facebook ads: 11006$

Revenue: 15255$

Profit: 4248$ (ROI: 38%)”

Now that’s an affiliate marketer.

11 short weeks.

And that’s a follow-along ye must follow.


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Eri from OrangeTrail

Lazy Neo Grows a Second Brain

Listen, one can’t just grasp the true depth of Lazy Neo’s mind.

That’s not how it works.

All we can do is stare and try to collect our jaws from ze floor.

What’s he up to this time?

He’s growing a second brain.

It has to do with ChatGPT.

And other AI tools.

And basically…

Thing’s so complex it’s beyond my simple affiliate monkey brain.

From @twinaxe’s mouth:

“Did you ever think about having an additional brain?

If yes, I got you covered.“


“a. The AI industry is much bigger than what I expected b. AI itself is in many fields not as advanced yet as you could assume when you just look at the surface.”

There’s codes.

There’s this funny-looking language (beats me):

There’s automation.

There’s magic.

This seems like note-taking on AI-steroids.

But it ain’t even note-taking.

It’s way more.

It can…write an article from your note.

It can, like, find context from your notes ye’d never find yourself. Ever.



Create lists from a simple keyword input?


“I used to call you T-Win1000. I was right when I said you were secretly the terminator in disguise. After these modern experiments, you shall now be dubbed... chatGPTwinaxe. (at least from me)”

Lazy Neo shall henceforth be known as chatGPTwinaxe.

By the way, this is a long, massive, detailed but fascinating read.

I suggest cold beer.

This is the way.

.👉👉👉 Stare, Wonder & Hit That Thanks Button

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