💰 $14,074.34 in 1 Month 📈 Brand New Ad Format to Increase Your Profits

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💰 $14,074.34 in 1 Month 📈 Brand New Ad Format to Increase Your Profits
💰 $14,074.34 in 1 Month

@roiter123’s push campaigns brought in $14,074.34 in December alone.

Here are the numbers:

Spend: $9,540.82

Revenue: $14,074.34

Profit (total, including Monetizer etc.): $4,533.52

ROI: 48%

Go see what it took to really make these offers work.

1.@roiter123 asked everyone tons of questions, constantly. He asked his affiliate networks, his traffic sources and most of all, our very own expert @twinaxe.

Just go look at @twinaxe’s detailed responses.

2.The (now trivial) persistence and determination.

What nice way to end whatever petty resemblance of a year 2020 was.

PS: Here are his number during the first few days of 2021:

>> Go gove @roiter123 your thanks and sub to his thread -- bigger numbers to come soon <<

[SPONSORED] Brand New Ad Format to Increase Your Profits

With a new year comes new opportunities - and there’s one right in front of you!

Introducing a brand new ad format to engage your users and grow your profits...

The Social Bar by Adsterra!

It includes these ultra-engaging ad types: Chats, surveys, messenger bubbles, in-page push, video teasers and animated banner.

And it’s dynamic and customizable like no other ad format before it.

Click Here to Try the Social Bar Now

The Social Bar has shown 10-30x CTRs for dating, adult, software and gaming verticals compared to web push ads. CPM and CPC are available for self-serve clients, while CPA and RTB are open to managed accounts.

Other advantages:

  • Tons of genuine traffic worldwide

  • A/B tests for up to 15 creatives

  • Laser-focused targeting

  • Vast reach including iOS users

  • Mobile responsiveness

  • 100% Google compliance

...and the best personal managers and the Partner Care team at your service 24/7.

Learn What Ads Work Best with Social Bar

Adsterra is a global advertising network with stellar Partner Care. The ad network offers a broad range of ad formats, payment options, fast moderation, vertical-friendly policy, and specific targeting features.

Launch your campaign before January 31st and receive up to 30% bonus on your first spent deposit. (Valid for new Adsterrians only.)

Choose your bonus:

  • use the promo code FXDWYYUG to receive free $100 on your minimum $400 deposit

  • use the promo code GCGFYMAA to receive free $300 on your minimum $1000 deposit

Sign up with Adsterra, deposit the necessary amount, apply your promo code and start driving traffic!

Get Record Revenue with Adsterra!

@ranrev’s $501 Revenue in 2021

@ranrev just hit $501 revenue during the first week of 2021.

$156 of which is pure profit.

45% ROI.

Another newbie learning rapidly.

Just a while ago he posted his very first profitable campaign.

Now, profits pile up.

Speaking of @roiter123 above – go see what 2 things @ranrev learned from his follow along.

>> Go here and give @ranrev your thanks, sub, and go learn a few things <<

$2479 Dating Smartlink on TikTok

Here’s a nice case study you don’t see often.

$2479 on TikTok...using free traffic.

EPC: $0.11

You read that right.


Free traffic.

Total cost? $7 for a VPN.

There’s a sneaky way to get improper 6-7 second videos (with a great popular tune) literally millions of views.

Just make sure you follow the case study through or else you risk losing your precious millions of views.

>> Go grab this before it’s gone <<

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