🗡️ 127k/mo Revenue

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🗡️ 127k/mo Revenue

You in for a mid-week shockeroo?

Take a damn good look at this thread.

Look at it.

The man’s spent ninety-five-thousand-dollars in a month, to end up with $127,000 revenue.

And $32,000 green.

All hail Master @Jaybot.

Unlike the last SW sequels…this here STM sequel is worthy of praise. And it was about time.

Page after page after page of endless, persistent, determined, hair-pulling, relentless action – it finally happened.

* wipes manly tear *

He’s made everyone proud.

>> What ye should do right now is go hit the thanks button as many times as you can <<

[Sponsored] How to Create Profitable Native Campaigns?

Been wanting to explore native traffic with native, display and video ads? Check out MGID’s 6 steps for creating profitable native campaigns below!

1) Choose a Quality Traffic Platform - Consider the global advertising network MGID, where 96% of the traffic is fraud-free.

2) Choose an Offer - Do your research to find out which offers convert best. Tip: Financial offers (banking, financial and insurance) have always performed well on MGID. (You can also ask your account manager for trends on geos and verticals.)

3) Prepare Creatives - Start split-testing from the beginning! Make a few different creatives and pre-landers (make sure they follow >> MGID’s guidelines)

4) Choose Your Bid - MGID has tools that can recommend how much to bid, and tell you how much traffic you can expect to get.

5) Choose Your Targeting - MGID allows you to target by geo, browser, devices, etc. Tip: Start with broad targeting to get data, then narrow down according to results.

6) Optimize and Scale - After collecting initial data, start optimizing your campaign!

Replace creatives and pre-landers that aren’t working, with new ones to test, to increase your CTR and CR.

Refine your targeting to exclude low-performing traffic segments.

Use MGID’s Selective Bidding Tool to exclude sources that aren’t getting good results, or lower your bid for them. Increase the bid on sources that are performing well to make more profits!

Your account manager will happily help you with optimization and scaling!

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ScottyG’s “Classic Grind” on TikTok

I don’t recall if we’ve covered this one, but a refresher won’t hurt, cuz TikTok’s hawt.

What do ScottyG, TikTok and case-study have in common?

Big numbers.

Big insights.

Big secrets.

This is what the man calls a “classic grind”.

“It’s very unhealthy, but can be very profitable.”

If you’d like to see ScottyG’s greatest “secrets”:

  • How many offers you have to test

  • How much you should spend per offer (and when to pause both leadgen and ecom offers)

  • How to automate testing

  • More, tons more

“TL;DR: Out of 30 offers I tested, 2 are 30% ROI, 1 is 175%~ ROI and the rest sucked.”

>> “Secrets” Revealed Inside, Clicky Here <<

TikTok to Launch Search Ads?

Get in there–right now.

TikTok’s launching search ads.

Let me repeat that–TikTok is launching search ads.

What does this mean?

It means ye need to sink yer teeth in deep the moment they go live.

Yes, ye all need to get in on TikTok ASAP.

Early bird gets the worm.

Yer welcome.

>> Go Now <<

Do You Enjoy Working For Others?

Inspired by Japanese working culture, @duckling asks if ye’d be a gray-haired old man swinging other people’s affiliate offers in yer wheelchair?

Or would you create your own product?

In this thread ye’ll find boundless wisdom ‘for’ and ‘against’ working for others.

Plus, ‘mafia’ has now officially joined Ca$hvertising’s ‘The Life Force 8’ core desires, now 9.

Here’s a summary of said core desires I found on a blog:

1) Not dying

2) Satisfying hunger and thirst

3) Not being afraid of your surroundings—being out of harm's way

4) Sexual companionship

5) Physical comfort—not being in pain

6) Feeling superior to others

7) Protecting your loved ones

8) Social approval and being accepted in a social group

9) Mafia.

Jokes aside, this hath turneth into another thread-gem of the finest quality.

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