$122k in Lazy Neo Revenue, $10k Contest for Affiliates

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$122k in Lazy Neo Revenue, $10k Contest for Affiliates

$122k in Lazy Neo Revenue

Lazy Neo’s ability to _freely manipulate the simulated reality of push traffic sources_ is proof he’s the chosen one.

Hear ye the details:

  • Push traffic - many sources, 2-3 being the juicy, big number ones

  • Offer - you thought we’d let this out to the freebie-vultures? Even though you can’t find it anywhere right’s related to cleaning yer PC master-race device, revealed inside

  • Conversion flow -CPI + CPS

  • Bid type -CPA/CPC

  • GEOs - Many, can’t count this far

  • Campaign lifetime - About 2 months

3 different landers and aggressive vs tame creatives (unexpected results).

Total Cost: $101,370.32

Revenue: $123,727.31

Profit: $22,356.99

ROI: 18.07%*

*Note on ROI - actually 5-10% higher, lazy Neo is a cautious, wise man - he adds a 20% traffic loss by default in all his trackers by default.

P.S. But why did The Chosen One give us a golden egg on a silver plate?

P.P.S. Also, lemme just plant the thought of CPS campaigns - you’d expect a lander to work heaps better, no? wink wink

>> Find Neo’s mysterious reasoning right here <<

[SPONSORED] $100 gift AND a $10k affiliate contest

While everyone is spending more time at home, the BuyGoods network is seeing an INCREDIBLE increase in online spending! Some verticals are down for sure, but others are up! Every crisis brings new opportunities. The show must go on, right?

Customers are buying more products around health & wellness, survival and related categories…and a few more that our affiliate managers will happily tell you about. Some of our affiliates are absolutely crushing it in these weird times :-)

If you’re a vendor and have a great offer, contact us and we’d love to share why every week more and more vendors are switching over to BuyGoods!

If you’re an affiliate - we want YOU to join the party. Heck, we’re even gonna pay you if you do so!

Effective April 1st through April 30th, every new affiliate who signs up with BuyGoods, will get:

1) Free $100 credit, as soon as you hit the first $1,000 in commission earnings

2) A chance to win big prizes totalling $10,000, distributed among the top 10 affiliates of the month

Oh and did I mention we pay affiliates up to THREE TIMES A WEEK? Now’s the time to kiss your cashflow problems goodbye and scale easily!

What are you waiting for?

Established 2017, BuyGoods focuses on real products that customers love! We don’t sell snake oil, most of our products can be promoted on Facebook too… in a whitehat way.

See a list of our campaigns here -

Ready to grab your bonus and try your luck in our $10k contest?

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(NSFV - Update) Wild Boars Successfully Lay Siege to Youtube Ads

Total stats post wild boar Youtube siege:

Spend: 276.62 €

Revenue: 1,138.63 €

Orders: 22

CPA: 12.5 €

But actually, this is with a rather broken tracking and incomplete numbers, the real CPA number is around half of that.

But not even the short timeframe in which this siege bore fruit (hehe) is the kicker here.

Not even after nearly a week of ads being stuck in corona-review.


It’s something else:

Some weird patterns emerged after Mr. Tim Wakeboarder launched these crafty Youtube campaigns. Those weird (but profitable) patterns are why their CPAs halved.


It gets even better.

1) Improved SERPs thanks to sneakily positioned advertorials for SEO purposes (shown exactly how inside)

2) Improved performance across all other channels - G search, Google Shopping, Organic/Direct

>> How did this even happen? <<

Best Day on Shopify - $10.71k “Nice ROAS”

Nice ROAS indeed.

Also, you’d be surprised at what the actual profitis (revealed in the thread). Lookie here wipes tear:

“it was all worth it because now my family can eat and we don’t have to worry about money“

>> Good enough reason to jump in, “hit that thanks button” and congratulate @billiondollarchrist - Amen <<

[POLL] What Part Of Your Work Do You Wish You Could Outsource?

Spoilers plus birds-eye view of this interesting thead:

  • Literally nobody (not-one-person on STM) likes doing their own accounting.

  • Nobody likes to deal with landing pages

  • Mr. Green gets angry

  • “Outsource everything”

Quoting Big Mr. Green straight up:

“I'm doing some research around outsourcing in the affiliate industry .

We all have that part of our affiliate work that we either hate, or we just aren't good at.

In the past, there were always things I wanted to outsource, but I either had a bad experience hiring the wrong person, or I never got around to it because it just seemed like more work.

So what would you want to be outsourced if you knew it wouldn't be a hassle?

Also, one frustrated full-time aff marketer asks where he could outsource some of his burdens.

And then, later on, we get this curious reply by Mr. Green:

_“I think I might have an amazing solution very soon..._

>> What is Mr. Green up to?? <<

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