$12,000 profit! $20,000 profit! More!

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$12,000 profit! $20,000 profit! More!
Case Study $12000 profit with Iraq sweepstake offer

"One day I've asked my sources about TOP geos and saw a lot of countries which I don't run atm. For example: IQ/PK/BR/AR/IN/ID etc... So I work mostly with Europe and I decided to try something new for me It was Iraq. I thought: "What vertical and offer to run?" I opened Adplexity and tried to search what people are running in this geo... "

Follow Along On my way to do $100/day with sweepstakes - Page 2

"In total since April, on traffic, we did: Revenue: $95,145.04 Costs: $74,629.98 Profit: $20,515.07"

When SHOULD and SHOULDN'T you worry about bot traffic?

"Bot traffic is an expensive pain, but that doesn't mean you should just nuke every site you see that has detectable bot traffic. "

How I went from ZERO to + $3k day in 2 WEEKS!!!!

"Things went so fast that I've discovered that my credit card had monthly limits!"

Selling anything in Europe - get ready for GDPR or risk big fines

"If you are selling to European countries (or analyse behaviour), you need to be aware of the GDPR and implement a program to comply with this new law."


"According to science, these are the ages that you peak for various goals throughout your life. "

The Robust Marketer - Episode 13 - With YouTuber Malan Darras

"After cleaning up his life, Malan Darras moved to LA and started crushing Affiliate marketing. Today Malan has his own brand, is still crushing campaigns, and is working on his passion for music. "

How to turn a "NO" into a "Yes". Tips from FBI kidnapping negotiator...

"I just came across this amazing interview. There so many gold negotiation tips in there."

Product inspiration - examples and explanation

"In ecommerce, the right product can make such a difference. The approach then is often to copy what somebody else has. Nothing wrong with that, but unsustainable if that's all you do, because you're always behind."

New Kid On The Block. Whats The Safest Route In Facebook?

"Few things to consider for ecom, as the landscape has changed significantly since the start of this year due to increasing costs on FB and general algo nonsense. Best to ignore any guru screenshots unless they are current..."

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