💳 $115,445 in 14 days (case study)

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💳 $115,445 in 14 days Running Car Loans on Facebook

@cassshy strikes again:

Traffic source: Facebook

Duration: 14 days and keep running

Revenue: $115,445


Completely whitehat, no ban-anas, creatives included plus a best-performing angle.

What more can a man want?

Oh, by the way, @jaybot gets in there and starts picking @cassshy’s brains clean with 9 in-depth questions.

Plus, despite @cassshy’s reluctance in discussing foot fetishes...he spits out his shoe size.

Dude don’t need no flippers to swim.

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[SPONSORED] 3 TIPS to Running Sweepstake Offers

Love sweepstakes? RollerAds has put together a quick refresher on running sweepstake offers!

3 TIPS on launching Sweepstakes offers

💚Use prelanders💚

Get the user emotionally invested with a specially designed prelander before prompting them to convert.

🎨Optimize creatives🎨

Use trigger phrases and images in your creatives to boost CTR. Recognizable images help establish subconscious trust and trigger emotion. Make use of that!

📊Segment the traffic📊

Make sure to analyze your traffic by segment, track multiple parameters, eliminate the low-converting segments and scale up the rest.

+ Bonus targeting tips in our blog. Read now!

Roller Ads is an Advertising Network with a base of direct publishers, 100% real traffic and global reach!

  • Monetising 10,000+ direct publishers’ high-quality traffic

  • 100+ new registrations daily from new direct publishers!

We offer several ad formats:

  • Push Notifications - higher CTR compared to all other formats

  • ONCLICK - an ideal format for capturing user attention

Enjoy a 10% bonus for the first deposit! Create an account, submit the promocode to your account manager and launch campaigns! Promo code: STMRoller21

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How to Hire Full-Time on

In a nutshell:

  • @jack_l wanted to hire someone full time so he went to (instead of Upwork)

  • @jack_l buys Mr Jonas’ VA course (Mr jonas being an STMer too, of course)

  • @jack_l really happy with Jonas’ course and their new employee

  • (Details inside, as per usual)

  • @jack_l just posted an update -- “gal we hired has been absolutely incredible…”

Plus, one tip on hiring great people from this one unpopular for hiring spanish speaking GEO on Upwork, if that’s yer fancy, all thanks to @jeremie.

Go learn how to hire amazeballs people here

@jaybot Now Swinging $15 Large / Month

Saturday night monthly update by The Jaybot himself.


“I spent $15k on traffic last month. That's like half a decent yearly salary in some places. I even got some of it back. I'll just take a moment to marvel at the fact that I can float that much money now without crying in a corner. Baby steps.”

@jaybot swinging big dollarydoos now.

Despite rough native seas, he ends up with *$400 green banknotes *too.

And, ye don’t wanna miss this – STMers have started picking his brains and ye should keep at least one eyeball on these posts.

Plus, this man’s sheer persistence is contagious.

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