$10k Profit
$10k Profit

"I am going to finish just shy of having my first $10k profit month on native" -@sd31677


These are solid numbers, my friend.

Litres of blood, dozens of bruises, hair pulling, support from fellow STMers and here we are.

But there's one big contributor to @sd31677's success. It's this specific thread by @jack_l:

"This follow along by @jack_l helped me SO much: https://stmforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=47350-Follow-Along-(Testing-the-new-Revcontent)/page3&highlight=testing+revcontent

I have probably read it 10 times. I will probably read it another 10."

Yours truly suggests ye do the same. Maybe, ye know what? Double up and read it 20 times instead.

May jack_l's campaigns be blessed for an eternity, and may his CRs be ever higher. He's one of our many resident native wizards.

And may we see @sd31677 add another 0 to the end of his monthly native profits soon.

Go ye here and witness with yer own eyeballs

[SPONSORED] Gratogana, the best pick for Spanish Players

NetoPartners, the affiliate program behind Gratogana, the Spanish Brand for slots, scratch cards & instant win games, shows once more that it knows how to adapt to the Spanish casino market, that according to (DGOJ) Spain's Q1 2021, GGR was 10.2 per cent higher than last year!

With this context, Gratogana surprised us recently by adding Chinese themed games and in addition, they will be launching Live Dealer games from Evolution toward September.

On top of that, by promoting Gratogana you will benefit from:

1. Unique games that your players will love & can't be found anywhere else

2. Easy registration & top payment methods that leads to better conversion

3. Local license & regulation that brings stability in the market

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5. 24/7 affiliate manager support.

6. Fast & secure payments

Join the Gratogana NetoPartners Affiliate program today and get 50% RV in your first month!

@fastaj, The High Roller Gets Back in The Game

@fastaj returns yet again, this time with a high-roller baller native follow-along.

What makes this 'thanks' and 'subscribe' worthy is the fact of @fastaj's proven track record of successful follow alongs.

The plan? This:


  • TS: Taboola
  • Vertical: eCom
  • Geo: US + other T1's
  • 7 day goal: Learn native best practices, the optimizer, etc
  • 30 day goal: Get to $1k per day in revenue with native

How it's looking so far plus next steps:

2k spent, 2k earnt so about breakeven.

Next steps:

  • Just trying to get that spend up on the first campaign, barely spending like $300 with a $750 budget so I'll need to play around with it
  • Let middle 2 camps run 1 more day, else I'll just cut them
  • Bump last camp from $250 to $400 daily budget
  • Launch a 3 Taboola campaigns over the weekend

My thanks button's down here

CPC, CPA or Smart CPM?

A newbie asked the following:

CPC, CPA or Smart CPM, which will be profitable??

As per usual, @matuloo and @twinaxe provide guiding lights and a helping hand to a lost newbie.

In case you're an affiliate hatchling, I suggest ye read closely.

Newbs Go Here

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