10k+ Per Day With Sweepstakes Offers

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10k+ Per Day With Sweepstakes Offers
10k+ Per Day With Sweepstakes Offers

A picture’s worth a thousand words - just look at those juicy stats in the image above!

Member @blackemil has been cleaning up with sweeps offers on Facebook.

His secret? He stays FAR away from the typical iphone / samsung / walmart offers.

So what types of offers is he running…?

Check out the thread to find out!

Not only does he divulge the secret to his offers - he practically gives away his whole method…

From FB accounts…to ad scaling!

Emil also reveals one trick he’s been using to increase his ROI by 20-30%!

“But I’m a newbie - can I do what he’s doing?”

No need to fret - Uncle Emil’s got you covered with his advice for newbies.

Take Emil’s wisdom, apply it, and there’s no reason why you can’t achieve those numbers as well.

>> Start Banking Hard on Sweepstakes Offers <<

Two crunchy ad formats and top Crypto tips from RollerAds

To approach STM-ers early this summer, only the best news shall do.

Our affiliate guild peers from RollerAds, a renowned traffic source, wanted to spread the word about their two crunchy advertising formats: In page push and Calendar notifications.

In page push is a special kind of Push notifications that appear as the user visits the webpage.

Its benefits include:

  • Increased CTR: In page push notifications appear only when the user actively interacts with the site

  • Broader targeting capabilities: In page push allow you to target iOS and MacOS users as it doesn't have regular limitations of the Push format

  • Higher ROI as the iOS audience is traditionally more profitable to target

In RollerAds, the format works on the CPC model.

Calendar notifications are another format that is getting traction lately. These ads allow you to send push notifications to users' calendars thus avoiding regular push filters.

The creatives for this format only require a title and a description so launching a Calendar campaign is not much of a hassle.

The format also works on CPC in RollerAds.

And what could be better than trying out these formats on a profitable offer?

Crypto is one of the most lucrative verticals in affiliate marketing. Some networks' payouts reach $1000 and more which steadily attracts new users into the niche. The competition is inevitably high, yet the outcome is totally worth the risk of entering the new landscape.

To help you profit with such offers, RollerAds put together a list of tips on running Crypto offers. To sum it up, here's what you should keep in mind:

  • Pay special attention to your prelanders

  • Separate desktop and mobile traffic

  • Get on good terms with your broker

To learn more, check out the guys' blog. And if you're ready to dive in into the deep end, try launching a campaign!

>> Create account <<

If This Doesn’t Motivate You, NOTHING Will

First, please take a good look at the image above…

You must be wondering, “what’s so impressive about a $1.44 profit?”

Let me tell you the back story…

On Monday, @vortex posted that interview with @blackemil, where he shared how to make 5-figures/day with sweeps on Facebook.

On the same day, @scottgilmour reached out to @blackemil for more tips, signed up for Fluent (big advertiser with their own in-house sweeps offers), and started a campaign on Tiktok.

The first campaign tanked right off the bat. With -100% ROI and 2% LP CTR.

But Scott didn’t give up. He had faith. He KNEW the offer was good.

He went hardcore into split-testing. 8 different video creatives and 7 landing pages.

Before Tuesday was out, he posted the image above announcing the $1.44 profit.

All this - happened over the course of just two days.

Imagine where he’ll be in the next month or two.

I’ll pause here for dramatic effect - and to let that sink in - if you’ve been sitting on your arse instead of taking massive action to better your future.


Wait - are you STILL HERE?? Head over to the STM Forum right now, get some motivation, and get some campaigns set up!

>> Check Out Scott’s Post Here For More Motivation <<

[Download] Spanking New Sweepstakes Landers

Tired of all those stale sweeps landers you keep seeing in spy tools?

You know: Surveys, spinning wheels, giftboxes…

Ready to test some exciting new landers?

Our beloved @scottgilmour has very generously shared some new sweeps landers he wrote himself!

Yup - they’re available for you to download, no strings attached!

When you see them you’ll agree - they’re a real breath of fresh air!

>> Download Scott’s Amazing Sweeps Landers Now! <<

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